The Faculty Development Committee oversees the guidelines, review, and administration of faculty development funds and proposals and reports to the Provost. We meet quarterly to review proposals and as needed to review sabbaticals and other issues. 

Purpose and Function

Faculty development is a broad term describing any of the various activities carried out by faculty for their personal and professional enrichment. Certain of these activities may be financially supported by Marywood University.

The major responsibilities of the committee are

  • to advise, if requested, in the design or renewal of individual faculty development Profiles, Plans, and Proposals;
  • to accept or reject individual faculty development Plans on the basis of established objective criteria;
  • to make recommendations to the Provost on individual faculty Proposals;
  • to make recommendations to the Provost on departmental and University-wide Proposals for faculty development money;
  • to maintain sufficient records to make possible a thorough evaluation of the program;
  • to do ongoing evaluation and updating of Faculty Development Committee policies and procedures;
  • to electronically submit an annual report of the program and the minutes of each meeting to the Provost, the President of the University and the Office of the Secretary of the University and General Counsel;
  • to post an annual report of the program and the minutes of each meeting on the Marywood portal;
  • to plan and conduct faculty workshops on aspects of the program;
  • to make recommendations to the Provost on requests for sabbatical leaves as outlined in the Sabbatical Leave for Faculty Member Policy as well as on other faculty development initiatives.

Please use the links to the left to find:

  • Steps for submitting a Proposal for faculty development funding
  • Current Funding limits & guidelines
  • Current Submission Deadlines
  • Forms for Proposals & Sabbaticals
  • Faculty Development Committee & contact information
  • FAQs

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to fdc@maryu.marywood.edu. The FDC chair will respond to emails. 

The position for Chair of the Faculty Development is currently vacant and will be filled September 2017

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