New Undergraduate Transfer Students Financial Aid Application Process

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Marywood University provides a comprehensive financial aid and scholarship program that includes grants, scholarships, assistantships, loans, and student employment.   If you are an undergraduate student interested in transferring to Marywood, click here to learn more about our Transfer Merit Scholarship Program.

Transfer students should follow the same application procedures as all other financial aid applicants.  Financial aid cannot be transferred from one institution to another.  If you plan to transfer from another college or university to Marywood University, you should notify your prior school that you will not return and then apply for aid at Marywood.

If you plan to transfer to Marywood, you must

  1. Contact both the Financial Aid Office at Marywood University and the Financial Aid Office at the institution you currently attend to inform both of your intention to transfer. 

  2. Be sure that Marywood has an electronic version of your FAFSA, and if not, have a copy of your FAFSA released to Marywood University. You can add a school at the FAFSA website under "Returning User > Add a School."  Marywood’s school code is 003296.

  3. If you are receiving, or have been approved, for any Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized/Unsubsidized, Federal PLUS) for the year, you must notify your current institution to cancel your loan at that institution. 

  4. PLUS borrowers must complete a new application and credit decision request for Marywood University by going to  

Transferring Between Fall and Spring Semesters

Students who plan to transfer between the fall and spring semesters should pay close attention to deadlines because there is so little time between the end of the fall term and the start of the spring term. The same steps above apply regardless of when you intend to begin enrollment.

Academic Transcripts

Transfer students are also responsible for providing academic transcripts from previous college(s) to the Marywood University Admissions Office for transfer credit evaluation. Academic transcripts will also be required for measuring the satisfactory academic progress of PHEAA State Grant recipients as well as determining grade level for loan eligibility.