scholarshipsMarywood University offers a variety of scholarships and grants designed to help students meet the cost of tuition. Scholarship awards are based on the student's academic portfolio presented at the time of admission and are normally considered final as of January 31.

University-Funded Scholarships Outside Scholarships

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Undergraduate University-Funded Scholarships

Centennial Scholarships

This scholarship recognizes both freshmen and transfer students.

Award: $12,000 - $20,000

Deans’ Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to both freshmen and transfer students.

Award: $10,000 - $18,000

Maxis-Gillet Service Awards

Marywood grants Maxis-Gillet Service Awards to undergraduate students, including incoming freshmen, who have demonstrated outstanding service to the community and are commited to continuing that service at Marywood.

Award: twenty $2,500.00 service awards

Opportunity Award

This award assists first-time freshmen.

Award: $10,000 - $12,000

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa may be eligible for a special scholarship for members of this honor society.

Award: $1,500 per year

Sibling Award

Established in honor of Marywood's Centennial celebration.

Award: $1,500 - $3,000

Success Awards

This grant assists students who have demonstrated academic ability.

Award: $8,000 - $14,000

Talent Awards

Talent Awards are made to students who demonstrate outstanding proficiency in music or art.

Trustees’ Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to students with exceptional academic achievements. Both freshmen and transfer students are eligible for consideration for this award.

Award: $14,000 - $22,000

Undergraduate Outside Scholarships

AES Scholarship

The consulting firm of AES Engineers is committed to continuing its support of higher education by providing scholarships to deserving students.

Award: $500

DiMattio Celli Family Study Abroad Scholarship

The UNICO Foundation will grant two scholarships for study in Italy.

Award: $1250 per year

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund

"The purpose of the Fund is to provide education assistance for postsecondary study to financially needy dependents of those people killed or permanently disabled as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and during the rescue activities relating to those attacks."

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Complete and up-to-date information on over 300 scholarships for Latino students attending or applying for admission to community colleges, undergraduate colleges and universities and graduate schools across the United States.

Award: Varies

Horatio Alger Scholarship

This scholarship is available to assist students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need, a good academic record, commitment to pursue a college education, and a desire to contribute to society.

James F. Swift Scholarship Program

The Scranton Area Foundation has established the James F. Swift Scholarship to assist students from Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania high schools, who plan to continue their education in a college or university program.

Award: $4,000

McGowan Cornerstone Scholarship Award

This scholarship award fund was established by varied nonprofit organizations in honor of the Monsignor’s life and charitable legacy.

National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania

The NFB of PA award scholarships to high school seniors and and college students who plan to attend college during the next academic year.

Award: $3,000 - $12,000

National Institutes Of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP)

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) offers competitive scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to careers in biomedical, behavioral, and social science health-related research.

Award: up to $20,000

The Charlotte Newcombe Foundation

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation is an independent foundation that began in 1979 as the result of a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Newcombe, a Philadelphia philanthropist. The Foundation continues Mrs. Newcombe's support of students as they pursue degrees in higher education by maintaining scholarship and fellowship programs that are in keeping with her lifelong interests.

Award: Varies per student

The McLean Scholarship for Nursing and Physician Assistant Majors

The McLean Scholarship for Nursing or Physician Assistant Majors is provided through the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP). The McLean Contributionship established a generous endowment in 1998 to help full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in a Nursing or Physician’s Assistant program.

Award: $3,000

The Roy W. Piper Charitable Trust

Applications accepted from graduating high school seniors.

Award: Varies per student

Tuition Funding Sources (TFS)

Private website that provides free access to one of the largest scholarship databases, including information on financial aid programs and career assessment tools.

Award: Varies per scholarship


An Italian American service organization engaged in numerous charitable works including higher education. Scholarships continue to be the primary focus, as roughly one-third of all monies raised goes to deserving students from chapter locations throughout the chain.

Award: Varies per scholarship

Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship

Wells Fargo is strongly invested in supporting our nation's veterans, including a commitment to assist them in completing postsecondary education programs to help them return to, and succeed in, a competitive job market.

Award: Up to $10,000 per year