Spanish with YOUR major

Ashley Murray

Spanish Major

Hola, Me llamo Ashley Murray and I am a student at Marywood University. I am a Spanish major with the opportunity to minor in Psychology and Sociology. I also have the opportunity to play basketball at the collegiate level here at Marywood! I fell in love with the Spanish culture my freshman year of high school. Since then I always knew I wanted to do something that had to do with the language. I am hoping to be some type of teacher who can work with younger kids who need help learning English, either in a school or a counseling center. I am still a ways away from knowing and understanding the full language, but if there is any institution that can help me learn it all it’s Marywood University! I am hoping to graduate with a major in Spanish in 2015 and then return for Graduate School the following fall. Having a strong background in Spanish can help in any job field I choose due to the growing Spanish speaking population in our community. I am excited to see what my future has to offer me, and I know having a Spanish education from Marywood will only make my future brighter!

"The limits of my languages are the limits of my world." -Ludwig Wittgenstein

Everyone Should Know A Foreign Language!

Through our dynamic, interactive classes, your language skills will blossom. Reinforced with service trips, travel/study abroad, and constant immersion, your knowledge of and sensitivity to other cultures will equip you with the necessary skills to enhance any professional track.

Foreign Language & Your Major

With creative options and a multitude of courses, a foreign language major can be added to even the most rigorous programs. Starting freshman year, your schedule can include language classes to add this important major/minor to your professional career. A semester or summer session abroad is an opportunity that should not be missed during your undergraduate years.

YOUR Major + a Major in Spanish = Success!

A major in Spanish requires 33 semester hours beyond 100-level classes. Come see us and we will help you add this to your major.

YOUR Major + a Minor in Spanish = Success!

Spend your electives wisely. Put those credits toward a minor in foreign language! For just 18 credits beyond elementary 100-level classes, you can gain a competitive edge in the workplace. Students beginning their foreign language at the 223 level or beyond can earn a minor for only 6 additional courses. Remember, foreign language skills will distinguish you from ALL other job candidates and increase your earning potential.

K-12 Certification

Students seeking K-12 certification in education must take 30 semester hours in the major language beyond 100-level classes.