Where Are They Now?

Tayler Simmons

Class of 2012

"Not only did studying abroad fulfill a dream, but also it helped me to foster a unique skill that I strongly believe will allow me to provide better care to my patients. My understanding of the culture as well as the ability to converse with my patients in their native tongue will help develop a stronger provider-patient relationship. "

Julianna Tierney


I definitely believe understanding and speaking Spanish help me be a better nurse.

Erin MacDuff

Secondary Education Mathematics & Spanish

Due to my ability to speak Spanish as well as my mathematics skills, I was offered a position that gave me the best of both worlds. I am now working as a Bilingual Mathematics teacher at Morristown High School.

Monica Bixby

Class of 2011

Monica Bixby was appointed a Cultural Ambassador to Spain by the Spanish Department of Education in 2011.

Victoria Acampora

Class of 2013

I am currently working on the island of Curacao as a third/fourth grade teacher for a group of students that are all English Language Learners.