Academic Calendar

The Fall 2020 Academic Calendar features a regular schedule then fully online classes after Thanksgiving. Instead of a two-day Fall Break in October, the University has instituted a “floating week” for flexibility that will be used in place of Fall Break. This week would be used if the University has to close during the course of the regular semester due to COVID flare up, and then online learning would resume. If the break is not used during the regular semester, it will be used at the end of the semester, effectively ending the semester one week earlier than planned.

Classes and Attendance Policy 

Marywood’s academic team has devised a distinctive, versatile approach to instruction: Marywood’s HyBridge Education Model. This blended model of learning incorporates remote, interactive instruction and in-person experiences that enhance student learning. Each instructor will provide specific information about the in-person enhancements for that particular class in the course syllabus. The flexible approach of the HyBridge Model both preserves the safety of students and faculty while delivering a high-quality educational experience.

To provide a consistent learning experience for all students, all course content will be delivered online. However, all courses will include face-to-face enrichment experiences in which small groups of students meet with their instructor, ask questions, work with peers, critique work, and dive deeper into course content. Faculty are excited and expect all students to engage in these face-to-face enrichment experiences, but they are also aware that students have unique considerations regarding health and safety. For those students, faculty will provide an equivalent enrichment experience online.

The Fall 2020 semester will begin as scheduled on Monday, August 24, 2020, and will end on Saturday, December 12, 2020. During the semester, we will observe current state guidance on occupancy limits, physical distancing, safety, hygiene, and related mitigation measures. 

When students leave campus for Thanksgiving Break, they will not return until the beginning of the spring semester in January 2021.

Student teaching, internships, field placements, and clinicals will take place in the fall. Students must complete a form which states that both the student and the placement site agree to the protocols developed by Marywood in alignment with the CDC and PDE guidelines. Clinical supervisors can provide the students with a copy of the form.

HyBridge Student Attendance Policy for Fall 2020

In accordance with Marywood’s HyBridge Education Model, explained above, students are expected to attend on-campus, face-to-face enrichment activities, unless their circumstances qualify for a waiver. Students may seek a waiver for medical reasons either at the start of the semester or whenever a situation arises necessitating such a waiver. 

If the campus closes by government order because of a COVID-19 outbreak at any point in the semester, all on-campus, face-to-face enrichment activities will cease, and waivers will be unnecessary.

Waiver Qualifications:

  1. The student will attend Marywood only as an online student for the Fall 2020 semester.

  2. The student is immunocompromised or has another condition that places them in a higher risk  group for COVID-19.

  3. The student lives with someone who is in a high-risk group for COVID-19.

  4. Other (please explain).

For short-term absences from on-campus, in-person experiences due to temporary illness, students shall follow the attendance policies and procedures contained in their course syllabi. Absences will be considered as either excused or unexcused based on the policy of the department as described in the course syllabus. Students are strongly encouraged to promptly report an absence to their instructor.

All students who do not attend the in-person, face-to-face enrichment activities should do the equivalent online activities provided by their faculty.