Monitoring Campus

Student Health Center

Marywood University’s Student Health Center has partnered with local healthcare organizations and other regional facilities to assure that COVID-19 testing is available for students who report to the campus Health Center with symptoms consistent with coronavirus infection. 

The Student Health Center responds to students’ health and wellness needs Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students should call ahead (570-348-6249) before visiting the Health Center, unless they are experiencing an emergency such as respiratory distress or an injury with profuse bleeding. (For all after hour medical emergencies call 911.)

Health Center staff will determine whether telemedicine services can be utilized, or if an in-person visit is warranted. Special arrangements will be made for students showing symptoms of an infectious nature. 

Students who are advised to report to the Health Center in person will be instructed on which entrance to use. Patients with general medical issues will use the front entrance; those with COVID-19 symptoms will use the back entrance.

Health Center workers will use respiratory protection when encountering patients showing signs of infectious disease. Patients in waiting areas and exam rooms must wear face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth. Patients in the waiting areas will be seated 6 feet apart.

Isolation areas have been identified for students awaiting COVID-19 testing results and for those who have tested positive for the virus. 

After hours and on weekends, students should utilize the Geisinger COVID-19 hotline at 570-284-3657 for answers about care recommendations and more. In addition to this option, students can seek guidance from Medicus Urgent Care by calling ahead to 570-207-2612. Other local care options can be found on the Student Health Resource Page

**It is important to note that you must call ahead when seeking evaluation and/or treatment for COVID-19 symptoms from any health care provider**

Testing, Contact Tracing, And Quarantine

Marywood University will follow CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines for testing, contact tracing, and quarantine.

Students who visit the Health Center with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be referred for testing. Employees will be sent home and referred to their medical providers.

If a student is suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Unless the student chooses to return home, s/he will be instructed to self-isolate in a designated area on campus and the Health Center will monitor their condition (preferably by phone or video conference). 
  • While a student is in isolation, University staff will arrange for food delivery and address other needs.
  • All academic content will be delivered remotely. 
  • To be cleared to leave isolation, a minimum of 10 days must have passed. An individual must have improved symptoms and experience three consecutive days without a fever (without the use of fever reducing medication). These guidelines have been developed following recommendations from the CDC and will be monitored as new information becomes available.
  • Individuals who have come in contact with an infected individual, but are not symptomatic, must quarantine in their residence hall room for 14 days. This includes roommates/suitemates/floormates(if sharing a bathroom)/housemates. These students should attend class virtually and refrain from entering public areas outside of their residence while the quarantine is in place.

Students will not be permitted to remain in student housing if they refuse to quarantine under these circumstances.