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Fulbright Grants: U.K. Summer Institutes

The Fulbright U.K. Summer Institutes are open to freshman and sophomore students in good academic standing in any course of study. A variety of three, four, five, and six week academic and culture programs are available at participating universities in the U.K.

Students interested in a summer institute should demonstrate strong leadership abilities and an interest in the U.K. and its culture.

AIFS Institute at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

This program is open to all students in all courses of study but is particularly suited to those with an interest in drama, theatre studies, or English Literature.

Students in this Institute will study on site at the Globe Theatre, working with professional theatre practitioners. They will participate in movement and voice workshops as well as scene rehearsals. Students will develop their knowledge and skills in the area of Shakespeare studies and drama while receiving credit they may transfer back to Marywood University. All classes will take place at the Sackler Studio Education and Rehearsal Centre and Shakespeare's Globe. Additionally, student will be able to access Shakespeare's Globe Library and Archive for Reference. The course ends with a scene performance from the students.

Durham University Summer Institute

The theme of the Durham University Summer Institute is The Northern Borders of Empire to the Making of the Middle Ages. In this institute, students will participate in a major archeological project focus on the northern edges of the Roman Empire in Britain, gaining experience in UK archeological professional practice. There will additionally be on site seminars concerning archeological and cultural history. Students will be led by Durham's Institute of Medieval Studies to investigate medieval theory and examine practical example of Medieval and early modern thought, architecture, and culture.

King's College London Summer Institute

The theme of the King's College London Summer Institute is Learning, Inventing, and Reinventing: The British City, Past and Present. In this program students will develop learning skills, participate in Fulbright Master Classes led by Fulbright professionals, and embark on a reflective video project to document the journey on the path to leadership and learning about the UK. Students will explore aspects of leadership through the prism of the British city and partake in cultural and social outings around London.

Nottingham Trent University Summer Institute

The theme of the Nottingham Trent University Summer Institute is Creativity, Culture, History, and Heritage. Participants will follow a creative course in subjects such as architecture and model making, fine art, graphic design, immersive design, fashion accessories, decorative technology, journalism and broadcasting, museum and exhibition curating, and writing. Additionally students will volunteer in the local Nottingham community. At the end of the Institute, students will take part in a farewell exhibition to show off the new skills which they have learned.

Queen's University Belfast Summer Institute

The theme of the Queen's University Belfast Summer Institute is Understanding Ireland: Northern Perspectives. Students will develop their knowledge in the area of Irish Studies. They will lean about Northern Ireland in terms of its political, economic, and cultural relationships within the U.K. and the world. Additionally, students will participate in field trips to cultural and historical sites in Northern Ireland.

Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute

The theme of the Fulbright Scotland Summer Institute is Scotland: Identity, Culture, and Innovation. StudentS in this summer program will study at both the University of Dundee and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. They will learn about the culture, heritage, and history of Scotland both in the classroom and through trips to various cultural and historic sites. Some study areas which are emphasized include; history of Scottish art and architecture, English, forensic anthropology and crime, Scottish paleography, Scottish history, health and society in modern Scotland, politics and the media, and science and technology.

University of Bristol Summer Institute for Young American Student Leaders

The theme of the University of Bristol Summer Institute for Young American Student Leaders is Slavery and the Atlantic Heritage. Students will further their understanding of Bristol and the U.K. and understand the relevance of the Slave Trade of the 18th century and smuggling of modern Bristol and the U.K. Students will also visit various cultural and historic sites to further their studies.

University of Exeter Summer Institute

The theme of the University of Exeter Summer Institute is Leadership, Sustainability, and the Southwest. Students in this program will develop their knowledge in an academic program of their choice. These programs are, the psychology of crime, international relations: security, conflict, and peace, physical activity and the environment: 21st century medicine, global and imperial history, global climate change: environment, technology, and society, international management, law, and Shakespeare and his world.

Fulbright Wales Summer Institute

The theme of the Fulbright Wales Summer Institute is Contemporary Wales: Industry, Politics, Culture and Change. Student in this program will experience three different Welsh Universities while exploring the geography, culture, heritage, and history of Wales. Students will study at Cardiff University, Bangor University, and Aberystwyth University, all recognized for their research and teaching.

For more information, contact Dr. Joe Polizzi at or (570) 348-6211 ext. 2497

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