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Jasper Johns, The Seasons, 1987, intaglio - 4 color

Mahady Gallery
Feb 18, 2013 - Mar 24, 2013

The exhibition presents selections in the print medium that examine a range of approaches employed by artists with respect to making works in a series. Major prints by Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, James Rosenquist, Sherry Levine, Terry Winters, Robert Cumming, Jennifer Bartlett, and Anthony Sorce, among others, are included in this exhibition drawn from The Maslow Collection @ Marywood, the largest and most comprehensive collection of contemporary art in Northeastern Pennsylvania with over 500 works by 150 artists. Collected by Marilyn and Richard Maslow and originally housed at Intermetro Industries, it is now on long–term loan to Marywood University. 

A number of works in PRINTS in a SERIES will be exhibited at Marywood for the first time including four works by Anthony Sorce that were printed at The Quarry in New York City in 1969, and a group of works from the Copper Series (1970) by Frank Stella that will be presented along with works from his Eccentric Polygons (1974) and his Black Series (1967). The experimental prints by Anthony Sorce from 1969 were created in conjunction with the project known as E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) and directly relate to a group of polyurethane sculptures that he completed three years earlier. James Rosenquist’s ‘wrap around series’ titled Horse Blinders will be installed within a four–walled cube in the center of the gallery in a manner similar to the way it was first presented at Leo Castelli Gallery in 1969. 

A gallery talk will take place on February 20th @ 3 PM in the Mahady Gallery, led by Robert Schweitzer, curator for The Maslow Collection. A reception will immediately follow the gallery talk. 

Installation detail, L-R:Andy Warhol, Campbell's Soup I (Black Bean, Onion, Pepper Pot); Jasper Johns, The Seasons

Installation detail, L-R: Andy Warhol; James Rosenquist (interior); Mel Kendrick

Installation detail, L-R: Andy Warhol, $1, 1982; Frank Stella, 2 lithographs from Black Series, 1967; Sherrie Levine, Meltdown, 1989

Curator for The Maslow Collection, Robert Schweitzer, speaking about Sherrie Levine's woodcut series, Meltdown, at the gallery talk.

During the gallery talk, Curator, Bob Schweitzer, provides insights on Robert Cumming's lithographs, Smooth Mind Suite, 1983 (series of 4 works)

Installation detail: James Rosenquist, Horse Blinders, 1972 (series of 4 prints)

Installation detail, L-R: Andy Warhol, $1, 1982; Frank Stella: 2 lithographs from Black Series, 1967; 3 lithographs and screenprints from the series, Eccentric Polygons, 1974; 2 lithographs from Copper Series, 1970. Foreground: Anthony Sorce, Untitled IV (Guggenheim Series), 1966-67.

Installation detail: Mel Kendrick, untitled1990, woodcuts (series of 6); Basswood with Clay and Holes, 1986

Foreground, L-R: Anthony Sorce, Untitled IV (Guggenheim Series), 1966-67; Anthony Sorce, Quarry Print Series, 1969. Background: Robert Cumming, Smooth Mind Suite, 1983.

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