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BAROQUE and RENAISSANCE (in the Contemporary)

Installation detail, L to R: Lois Lane, untitled, 1990, oil stick, craypas and collage on paper; David Reed, No. 230 (for Beccafumi), 1986, oil and alkyd on canvas.

Maslow Gallery
Mar 11, 2013 - Apr 05, 2013

The current exhibition in The Maslow Study Gallery was installed for Dr. Susan Branger’s Art History II and Art History II Honors students. The selection of paintings from The Maslow Collection presented in this exhibition express in one manner or another references to the Baroque or Renaissance.

The works in this exhibition include: the allegorical painting by Robert Jessup titled Winter from 1987; Tony Wong’s large untitled painting from 1984 that expresses a mythological encounter employing a rich and dense palette that is built on the canvas as the paint is applied directly from the tube; David Reed’s No. 230 (for Beccafumi) from 1986; a shaped work on board from 1986 by Roger Boyce titled Succession; and a signature work from the Pattern and Decoration movement by Valerie Jaudon titled Smyra, 1983.

The students in Dr. Branger’s class will compare and contrast works by Renaissance and Baroque artists they have researched to the contemporary works in the exhibition and make group presentations in the gallery in early April.

The installation of the works in this exhibition was carried out by the curator with the assistance of Nicole Zarick, the student intern working with The Maslow Collection this semester.

Installation detail, L to R: David Reed, No. 230 (for Beccafumi)Winter by Robert Jessup, 1987, oil on linen; and Robert Jessup, Watchful Father, 1987, charcoal on paper.

Installation detail, L to R: Roger Boyce, Succession, 1986, oil on duolux; Valerie Jaudon, Smyra, 1983, oil and gold leaf on canvas; and Tony Wong, untitled, 1984, oil on canvas.

Installation detail, L to R: Valerie Jaudon, Smyra, 1983; Tony Wong, untitled, 1984.

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