Marywood Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition 2013

Niko J. Kallianiotis, Censo

Mahady Gallery
Sep 09, 2013 - Oct 06, 2013

Popular multimedia exhibition of current work by Marywood University’s art department faculty showcases a diverse range of styles, mediums, and techniques of 40 artists–educators: Steven Alexander, Philip D. Barket, Evan Boggess, Steven Brower, Lori Ann Brunetti, Ann Marie Castelgrande, Stephen J. Colley, Dennis Corrigan, Francine Douaihy, Frank Goryl, Robert Griffith, Melanie Hall, Megan Halsey, Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, IHM, Casey Heyen, Peter Hoffer, Joseph Jaworek, Sue Jenkins, Niko J. Kallianiotis, Sister Jan Marie Kalyan, IHM, Cassie Rose Kobeski, Erin L. McMahon, Christine Medley, John Meza, Peter Nardone, Paul Nielsen, Sam Olfano, Kevin O'Neill, Collier B. Parker, Barbara Parker-Bell, Pamela M. Parsons, Joe Piconi, Matt Povse, Sandra Ward Povse, Gina Rice, Skip Sensbach, John Shahoney, Beth Tyrell, Mark Webber, and Stephanie Wise. 

•Reception: September 14, 6–8 PM

•Gallery Talk: September 18, 3 PM, moderated by Robert Schweitzer, Curator for The Maslow Collection

Installation detail; painting on right by Evan Boggess, Urania

Foreground sculpture, Regress, by Skip Sensbach; paintings on rear wall by Steven Alexander

Wall L to R: Peter Hoffer, Casey Heyen, John Shahoney, Frank Goryl, Francine Douaihy; sculpture in foreground, Catenary Arches by Matt Povse

Opening reception on 9.14.13

Opening reception on 9.14.13

(L to R) Influence, Parody, and Process by Steven Brower, Breaking by Joe Piconi, and Line Study by Matt Povse (sculpture)

During Gallery Talk on 9.18.13: Matt Povse commenting on his ceramic sculpture, Tripod

L to R: Philip Barket, Beth Tyrrell (2x), Megan Halsey, Philip Barket, and Kevin O'Neill

(Left) Gallery Talk moderator, Robert E. Schweitzer, Curator for The Maslow Collection and (R) Pamela M. Parsons discuss her paintings in the exhibition

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