Current Exhibitions

Printmaking: Woodblock and Linocut

Maslow Gallery
Feb 10, 2017 - Mar 05, 2017

The current exhibition in The Maslow Study Gallery was installed for Peter Hoffer’s printmaking students who are working on woodcut prints this semester. The selected prints from The Maslow Collection explore the range of image making techniques and effects that are possible with woodcuts, and... read more


Mahady Gallery
Apr 08, 2017 - Apr 26, 2017

The class of 2017 presents their ART!

Senior Art Exhibition is the culmination of the students’ undergraduate studies and showcases the artists they have grown to become as well as their potential path in the arts. The under-graduate group exhibition presents work in the concentrated... read more

Unique Perspectives: Illustrations by Don Murray of Scranton and Beyond

Suraci Gallery
Apr 06, 2017 - Apr 26, 2017

This exhibition highlights the pen & ink drawings and watercolor paintings created by artist Don Murray, a West Scranton native who for over fifty years has resided in Minooka, PA. His impressive collection of drawings includes many historic landmark buildings from the Scranton area, some... read more