How To Play

Initiating Game Data.

start the game

Travel around Marywood University, completing tasks to keep the university in working order!

Step 1

Locate the task box in the upper right- hand corner of your screen.

Step 2

Hover over the location section of this box to reveal a map key.

Step 3

Use your mouse to click the red trees or highlighted building sections in order to travel around campus.

Step 4

Try to complete the task traveling the shortest distance possible (not necessarily fewest jumps). Energy is depleted as you travel. 

Step 5

Keep in mind that sometimes you’ll have to move to a location on the map that you can’t see yet. When you move, the map will reposition, giving you more hotspots!

In this example, the squirrel jumped to the architecture building rooftop. Although he still looks centered on the screen, the map has relocated to reveal several new hotspots to the right.

Step 6

Tasks are completed when you land on the yellow highlighted area of the location provided for that task.

If your task was to visit the Learning Resource Center, you would complete the task by landing on the yellow spot associated with that building.

Step 7

Upon completion of one task, you will receive instructions for the next task.

Step 8

Complete 5 tasks and obtain a passing grade to move up to the next level! 

  • Because the game uses a fixed window size to control your movement, resizing or zooming the browser during a game can make it either unfair or impossible. Sorry, you'll have to start over. Feel free to resize the browser window now (before you begin) to the best size.
  • If you cannot see your target building, choose a tree or building in that direction.
  • In the upper right box, you will see your current task. Travel to the named building to complete the task.
  • You can hover over a building to get its name.
  • You can hover over the building name in the Task Box to see the building's location on a map.
  • Some buildings have more than one entry point. Pick the one closest to you for the best result!