Graduate scholarship and assistantship applications from prospective international students are welcomed at Marywood University. It is suggested that prospective international students review the materials in the Graduate Admissions section of the Marywood University Website before completing any scholarship or assistantship applications.

First, you must intend to major in a graduate academic program that exists at Marywood University. The correct graduate department and the correct academic major must be supplied on all scholarship and assistantship applications. Further, you must make a formal application to the Office of Graduate Admissions that includes the graduate application, official transcripts, TOEFL Scores, the application fee, and other relevant documents. Admission to one of the graduate programs at Marywood University is a prerequisite to your assistantship or scholarship application receiving any consideration from the Graduate Scholarship Committee. You may review the Graduate Admissions Application materials by clicking on this link provided.

As per Marywood University policy, prospective and current international students must apply for scholarships and assistantships by the published program deadlines. International students are ineligible for late discretionary scholarship application consideration or Spring Start Scholarships.