Speech PathologyThe University seeks to provide a high-quality professional graduate program in Speech Language Pathology studies at a very competitive price.  Consequently, each new Speech Language Pathology Program graduate student will have the same cost for his or her professional graduate education.  In order to create this compelling value for a graduate professional education for each new Speech Language Pathology student and in recognition of the fact that each prospective student admitted into the program has a superior academic record, no merit scholarship program is utilized within this program of study. Marywood University will publish the price per credit in the Graduate Tuition and Fees section of the website.

Prospective and current graduate students of the Speech-Language Pathology Program who wish to be considered for graduate assistantship should submit a resume electronically according to the Master's Degree and Post-Baccalaureate Assistantship Program.

Students in the Five-Year Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Program may apply for half-time assistantship opportunities in the SLP Department or other University areas for their fourth year of study by submitting a resume as per the directions on this webpage.