Graduate Student Council Constitution

Marywood University Graduate Student Council Constitution

Article I - Name

Section 1.     The name of this organization shall be Graduate Student Council.

Article II - Purpose

Section 1.     The purpose of this organization shall be to serve as advocates and voice graduate student concerns; address policy concerns related to graduate students; offer networking opportunities; promote academic excellence; offer professional development opportunities; and improve the quality of life of graduate students.

Article III - Membership

Section 1. The membership of this organization shall be all students in graduate or professional degree programs.

Section 2. Eligibility requirements include all part-time or full time matriculated graduate students.

Article IV - Officers

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be four Meeting Chairs (one from each College) and one Recording Secretary.

Section 2. Officers hold office for a term of one year. Officers may be elected or re-appointed for additional terms of office.

Section 3.    

Meeting Chairs

  • Shall call, set agendas for, and preside over all regular meetings of the GSC, unless s/he has designated another elected member of the GSC to perform these tasks. This responsibility will rotate between the four Meeting Chairs.
  • Shall serve as a representative of the GSC on the Executive Committee.
  • Must be an elected or appointed member of the GSC.
  • Shall be chosen by a majority vote, if elected.

Recording Secretary

  • Shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all GSC meetings, and making them publicly available.
  • Shall be appointed by the Meeting Chairs, the Advisor or the Deans of the Colleges.
  • Shall maintain and make available current copies of the By-Laws, Constitution, and Policies of the GSC.

Section 4. Officers may be removed at the discretion of the Advisor, after consulting with the Executive Board.

Article V - Meetings

Section 1. Regular meetings of this organization shall be held a minimum of three or four times per semester.

Article VI - Elections

Section 1. Election or appointment of officers shall be held each Spring or as needed to fill vacancies.

Section 2. All graduate students may vote.

Article VII - Executive Authority

Section 1. The executive authority of this organization shall be vested in the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall consist of the four Meeting Chairs and other elected or appointed members from the Advisory Boards in each College.

Section 3. The Executive Board has the power to carry out the tasks outlined in the By-Laws and the Constitution.

Article VIII - Advisors

Section 1. There shall be two advisors, who shall be members ex-officio, without voting privileges.

Section 2. The advisors are responsible for mentoring the Executive Board in carrying out their duties.

Article IX - Committees

Section 1. The GSC shall have the ability to create, by consensus, whatever committees are needed, with whatever structure and membership it deems appropriate to the task at hand.

Section 2. Committees will be appointed by the Executive Board.