We are proud to announce that 8 graduating seniors attempted the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification Examination in the march/April and all 8 have passed resulting in the program achieving a 100% pass rate for the year!

Congratulations to: Daniella Castellanos, Haven Donovan, Emily Gerbehy, Adam Larsen, Michael Schlichtig, Ryan Sortino, Matthew Staback and MichelleThompson.

Research Equipment

  • Treadmills
  • Cybex 6000
  • Bod Pod
  • DEXA scanner
  • Cycle ergometers
  • Kayak/rowing ergometers
  • Upper-body ergometer
  • Metabolic carts
  • ECG
  • Lactate analyzer
  • Near-infrared spectrophotometer for muscle blood flow and energetics research
  • Air-quality analysis equipment
  • Pulmonary lab
  • Biochemistry lab
  • Climate-controlled room

The Center for Athletics and Wellness.

Marywood's Basketball court.

The Climbing wall and other exercise facilities.

The Athletic Training classroom.

The Athletic Training classroom.

The indoor elevated track.

The indoor elevated track.

One of the classrooms.

Another classroom.

A treadmill in the Human Physiology lab.

The Health & Physical Education Department is housed in the Center for Athletics & Wellness.  This 62,000 square foot building boasts a fitness center, climbing wall, arena, running track, and state-of-the-art training rooms and human physiology lab. The Human Physiology Lab provides students with a variey of research equipment.