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Student Research

Research related to Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Athletic Training and Exercise Science portion of the Master's program in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science

Nicholas Fiolo; "The effects of Cardiostrong and Gatorade on heart rate variability during exercise and recovery in cyclists." Adviser: Dr. Angela Hillman; Committee members: Dr Lee Taylor (University of Bedforshire) and Shelby Yeager, MEd, ATC, FMSC

Diahnn Thompkins; "The effects of why protein cherry juice on exercise-induced muscle damage and indices of recovery following plyometric exercise." Adviser: Dr. Angela Hillman: Committee members: Dr. Bryna Chrismas (University of Bedforshire) and Jessica Bodzio, MS, RD, LDN

Jen Violi; "The Effects of Wellspring Camps on Nutrition Knowledge and Total Body Fat" Adviser: Shelby Yeager, MEd, ATC: Committee members: Dr. Daniel Kirschenbaum and Dr. William Gear

Tristan Ragland; Proposed "Effects of exercise intensity and supplementation on excess post exercise oxygen consumption" Adviser: Dr. Angela Hillman; Committee members: TBA

Madeline Nelson; "Functional Movement Screening" Adviser: Shelby Yeager, MEd, ATC, FMSC; Committee members: Kathy Uhranowsky and Joy DeSoto

Emily Wargo; Proposed "Effect of caffeine and grean tea EGCG on exercise performance." Adviser: Dr. Angela Hillman

Undergraduate in Athletic Training

Amanda Lippincott and Emma Nye: "Possible Lisfranc Fracture in a 17-Year Old Male High School Football Player: A Case Study Mentor: Dr. Ellen Payne


Health & Physical Education Department, 2nd Floor, Center for Athletics & Wellness
For more information, contact Shelby Yeager at or (570) 348-6259.