All students benefit from Marywood's commitment to provide all students with state-of-the-art technology. This commitment includes access to the Internet and World Wide Web, as well as access to dozens of academic software packages in fifteen computer labs and drop-in centers around campus. Further, students who own computers may have them linked to the campus network in their dormitory rooms. Computer lab software includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Office, PageMaker, web page development tools, web browsers, specialized art, business, education, music and science software and statistical packages.

The Library, located in the Learning Resources Center (LRC), situated at the heart of the campus, maintains a collection that includes a wide array of books, print periodicals and non-print items. An online public access catalog provides holdings and availability information for the collection. In addition, numerous electronic databases are also available through the Library’s website.

Academic Computing
 provides audiovisual, graphic, photographic, television, multi-image and technology equipment services to the campus. More than 900 pieces of equipment are provided for campus-wide media support services.

CNHSTwo state-of-the-art multimedia theaters offer large screen viewing of videos, films, slides, computer input, and satellite programming. The 180-seat Lynett Multimedia Room is located in the Media Center and the 100-seat Comerford Auditorium is located in the Center for Natural and Health Sciences. Video and audio connections to state, national and international resources are available.

The Center for Natural and Health Sciences is equipped with four large laboratories: a Microbiology and Molecular/Cellular Biology lab, a Chemistry lab, an Anatomy and Physiology lab and a Physics lab; a newly renovated Biotechnology research lab; an environmental wet laboratory; a greenhouse, three computer laboratories and a multi-media auditorium.

The School of Business and Global Innovation, located in the McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies, houses The Wall Street West Financial Lab and a Flight Simulator for students in Aviation Management.

MCLAS Mission Statement

Rotunda ceiling
A graduate of the Munley College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will possess an inquisitive mind, one eager to search out the truth, and one sympathetic to the stance towards life echoed in the words of Mexican Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz: "Criticism unfolds the possibility of freedom and is thus an invitation to action" — an outlook consistent with the traditional breadth of knowledge fostered by a liberal arts education, its challenge to tolerance and openness, and its promotion of human excellence in the arts and sciences.

As a College at a Catholic University we present to our students the fundamentals of Catholic identity, with an emphasis on Gospel values. We are also committed to imparting an awareness of the essential characteristics crucial to understanding our interdependent world, and the cultural, religious, philosophical, social, economic, political, and scientific challenges it faces.

The Munley College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Marywood University aspires to foster in its students a conscious understanding of the complexities, enduring themes, and problems that are central to the human experience.

  • Our instructional efforts are directed towards preparing students for a lifetime of achievement, leadership, and service by providing them with wisdom and tools to respond effectively to the needs and challenges of an interdependent world.

  • Our intellectual focus is directed towards assisting students to become acquainted with and to critically examine their innermost being, as well as their multiple relationships with others and the natural world.

  • Our moral responsibility is to encourage students to fully develop their ethical sensibilities and to contribute, in their lives and work, to the well-being of our common humanity.