A Message from Dean Zauhar

Fran Zauhar 2014On behalf of the faculty of the Munley College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Marywood University! In addition to the University’s Core Curriculum and the Honors Program, the College offers a variety of undergraduate programs in the Humanities, Mathematics and the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the School of Business and Global Innovation. At the graduate level, students can pursue the Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, Biotechnology, and Business.

The faculty members of the College are genuinely committed to the education of our students, and they possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their disciplines. Students have numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects and one-on-one inquiries into specific subjects of interest while they complete the requirements for their majors. While at Marywood, students can further enhance their education by participating in one or more of the University’s national and international service-learning trips and study abroad opportunities. In addition, the Office of Honors and Fellowships awards funds to students each year to support their travel to professional conferences around the nation where they present their research. Most of our students also participate in one or more of the numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that the University provides; our many clubs, athletic activities, and cultural organizations complement and enhance the academic curriculum in significant ways. Finally, students have the opportunity to see their classmates, as well as accomplished professional artists, display their work in our on-campus musical performances, theatre productions, and art exhibitions.

The Munley College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers degrees in a number of areas, including Biology, Biotechnology, Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Science, French, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish, and several tracks in Business and Managerial Sciences, including Accounting, Management, and Marketing. Our program in Aviation Management includes flight training that enables students to build the number of flight hours they will need to qualify for flight certification eligibility. Our programs offer Secondary Education/Certification in Biology, English, French, General Science, Mathematics, and Spanish. Students majoring in English, French, History, Philosophy, and Spanish have gone on to pursue graduate studies in their respective disciplines as well as in law. Our science programs, together with our strong liberal arts core curriculum, prepare students for the MCAT and medical school. Science majors have also pursued professional degrees in dentistry and chiropractic medicine.  Business majors have gone to graduate or law school, become entrepreneurs, and moved into the corporate world, as well.

If you seek challenging and rewarding opportunities as you continue your education in business, the humanities, math and science, or the social sciences, Marywood University will provide you the skills and tools necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals.  For additional information, please visit our Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.  

Should you have any questions about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact me at zauhar@marywood.edu.

Once again, welcome to Marywood University, and my best wishes to you for a splendid educational experience!

— Dr. Frances Zauhar