Constitution Day Quiz Winner 2014

Congratulations to Amberly Sherman, Nutrition and Dietetics major, this year’s winner of the Constitution Day Quiz.  In this photo, Amberly is accompanied by the Dean of the Munley College of Liberal Arts and Science, Dr. Frances Zauhar and the Chair of the Social Science Department, Dr. Alexandru Vari.


  • Luis Canales ‘14, English major, and Gaetano Zarra ‘15, Criminal Justice major, have been notified that they have been accepted into Widener University School of Law’s summer Immersion program for undergraduate students who are contemplating going on to law school. The Widener program is highly selective, only accepting 25 students from all over the United States. Additionally, Luis was also accepted into The Pennsylvania State University School of Law's immersion program for this summer, also a very selective program.  
  • Rebecca Schwalb, ’13,  Spanish and History major, Departments of Foreign Language and Social Science - was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and begin her assistantship in July working as an English teaching assistant in South Korea.
  • Julie Kibui, ’14, Biotechnology Major, Science Department - was admitted as a Post-baccalaureate Research Fellow at University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

In April 2014 the following CLAS students made poster presentations at the Marywood Graduate Research For

 Forecasting Models for Maximus Inc., Abdullah Abonomi, Hamad Alruwaiti, Fanyu Wang and Bader Alhodithi

Jefferson Township Sewer Authority New System, Abdulmohsen Binsuwaydan, Saeed Al Moghrabi, Naimah Alrasheedi 

Where to Be a Seller: A Recommender System to Help Sellers Choose the Most Suitable Website for Their First Online Store, Eman AlGhamdi

Data Analysis for Maximus, Mohammed Alawafi 

Data Analysis for African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) II, Mohammed Alawafi and Abdullah Alshahrani

Maximus Applicants Data Analysis, Ali Alhamdan

Data Analysis for Maximus Inc., Bader Alhodithi 

A Framework to Evaluate Skype , Google-talk., ooVoo, and Yugma as Conferencing Tools, Naimah Alrasheedi (Nana) 

Cloud Computing Data Security, Hamad Alruwaiti

Data Analysis for African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC), Mansor Alzahrani

Employee Satisfaction: “My Space Website”, Ashwaq Ashkan

A QuickBooks Plug-in for Non Profits, Rawan Assaf

Trends in inspections, violation frequency, violation type and employment comparisons in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale, Patrick Bayer

Effects of Temperature on Enrollments at Penn Foster, Inc., Sara Dellecave

Online Medical Education System, Taghreed Faydi

Case Study: Maximus, Inc. and Strategizing Paper-based Data Capture, Johnny Gallis, Corey Kujawski, and Kelly Shaffer

Quantitative Easing effect on Asset Allocation, Michael Kondrat

Electronic Health Records In Private Physician Practices, Bashir Mahmood

What is Impacting the Stock Price Most?  Mingxin Mao

The System of Labor Ministry in Saudi Arabia, Amal Reshidi

Implementation of Loan Risk Grading Model, Fanyu Wang