Spring 2018

Library Research Seminars are scheduled weekly during each semester. If a session is scheduled at an inconvenient time for you, you may schedule a one-on-one session or group session. Select from the list below and complete the request form (Register Here). We will do our best to accommodate your request. Send questions and suggestions to hongm@maryu.marywood.edu

List of Research Seminars

Social Work--Introduction to Library Research
Learn about the various databases and other reference tools geared towards social work.  Participants are encouraged to bring assignments that can be workshopped during the session.  Register Here

How to Do a Literature Review in Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Participants will look at finding research articles in nursing as well as examining literature reviews for nursing and allied health professions. Several databases will be demonstrated for this workshop. Register Here

Demographic and Consumer Research Workshop
In this workshop participants will use American Factfinder (US Census Bureau) and Mergent Intellect to find demographic data for geographic areas. Reliable statistics add validity to your research. Marketing and Entrepreneur students or anyone needing statistics about people will find this workshop helpful. Register Here

Research Survival: Finding Scholarly Articles
Whether you are just starting to look for peer-reviewed articles a topic, or you are seeking more sources for your term paper, this workshop will cover finding and accessing articles from the Library databases and other Web resources for academic research. Learn tips and tricks for using various tools to research more efficiently and effectively. Register Here

Business Research:Industry Information
Participants will learn how to find industry overviews, trends, and projections.  We will find answers to questions such as:
•Where do I find industry reports?
•Where can I find industry ratios?
•Where can I find detailed manufacturing statists for U.S. industries?
•How can I find industry information for an international country?
Register Here

Company Research Made Easy
Participants will learn to find basic company facts on over 20 million North American companies and over 70 million global companies. Key information includes :
- location, estimated sales and number of employees, industries, and other basic data on companies
- executive contacts and biographies,
- corporate “family tree” details
The library business databases provide access to private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, the ability to access industry profiles and much more.  Register Here

Educational Law
Using reference tools such as Google Scholar to navigate how to find information on educational and administrative law including famous court cases, settled law, and ongoing law cases. Also, we will examine the Department of Education’s website as it relates to law and administration. Register Here

Academic Integrity Workshop
Learn the basics of copyright and plagiarism using some real-world examples. Examine academic integrity as it relates to Marywood University. Demonstrate knowledge of plagiarism by examining examples of writing. Register Here

Locating Dissertations and Theses
This session  will help you find dissertations both from the University and beyond. We will explore the resources,  including open access sources,  that can help you find and request dissertations. Register Here

How to Find Information on Tests and Measurements
This session will introduce participants to resources which can be used to locate tests and measurements for research. It will provide learners with techniques to become more effective at searching for this type of information. Register Here

To Sci-Hub or Not to Sci-Hub
Many faculty and students have turned to the website Sci-Hub for research articles that are not readily available at their institution. What is Sci-Hub and should you be using it to access research articles? In this workshop, participants will learn about Sci-Hub and similar websites that build large repositories of scholarly research and the implications of using these sites. They will also learn about alternative ways to access research articles like Interlibrary Loan and Open Access repositories. #InfomationHasValue #SearchingAsStrategicExploration
Who should attend? Faculty & Students Register Here

Open Access Image Resources for Art & Art History Workshop
Finding images online and using them properly can be difficult. This workshop will explore different types of open access image collections which are available for public use, explain different types of licensing, and show you how to correctly attribute any images you may useRegister Here

Job Hunting with the Databases
Want to impress during your job interview?  Learn how to garner company information, the recent news on the company, and the trends in the field. Databases covered include Mergent's, and Discovery. Register Here.

An Introduction to Kanopy: Online Streaming Film Database
Learn about the content available through the streaming film/video resource Kanopy. The Library subscription to Kanopy includes thousands of documentaries, feature and training films on every topic, such as Media Studies, Foreign Language, Education, Psychology, Politics, Environmental, Literature, etc. Register Here.

Finding Data and Statistics Workshop
Participants will learn about tools and strategies to search for data and statistics.  Register Here

U.S. Government Sources--ideas that you can use today
Let's explore the services of the government through its web portal, usa.gov.  Here we'll find information on agencies, data and statistics, financial aid, and much more.  Lots to discover in this site that brings information right to your fingertips. Register Here.

Health Information 101
Health information is about anywhere you look. But not all health information on the web is credible, timely, or safe. This workshop is designed to help you find reliable health information for consumers and patients, as well as to offer tips on filtering health-related web resources. Register Here.

Learn to Navigate Medical Research
Navigating the vast National Library of Medicine is important for health care providers.  What is the latest research on a prescribed drug or a medical disease? For your patients, learn how you use PubMed to give them background information to safeguard their health or learn more about their medical condition. Register Here.

PubMed(Medline):Getting Started
This workshop will cover the basics of using PubMed to find journal articles. We'll discuss how to select and combine search terms to develop an effective search strategy. We'll demonstrate tools found in PubMed that can make your searching more efficient. We'll also show you how to access the full text of articles you find. Register Here.

Introduction to Nutrition Research Resources
Join us for a workshop to increase your awareness and effective use of nutrition information resources to make your research easier and more efficient. We’ll discuss the steps of accessing peer reviewed nutrition and dietetics resources using Marywood's library databases and Open Access sources.Register Here .

CINAHL for Experts
Learn how to locate nursing and allied health literature using CINAHL, the core resource for the fields. This workshop will also cover how to use MeSH (medical subject headings),access full-text articles, manage search results, and create alerts  This database compliments the Health Source database; it is useful for both beginning research and advanced research in health fields. Register Here .

Company Research with Mergent Online
This is one of the "Business Information Research Workshop Series" we offer this semester. Mergent online provides U.S. and international company data, including business description, history, property, subsidiaries, officers and directors, long-term debt and capital stock.Register Here

Company Research with Mergent Intellect
This is the first workshop of the "Business Information Research Workshop Series" we offer this semester. Mergent Intellect offers a unique opportunity to access private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, ... and the ability to access industry profiles and much more. Register Here

eBook Basics Workshop
There are approximately 70,000 titles in our ebook collection, including scholarly, reference and professional books from leading publishers, classic works of literature and history, as well as speeches, government documents, and other resources. Join us to learn how to search, view, checkout and download ebooks. Register Here

Introduction to Science Resources
This workshop is intended to make participants aware of the variety of scholarly materials available to them as they pursue research in the science disciplines such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Biochemistry. Emphasis will be placed on science databases such as Web of Science, ScienceDirect and Wiley Online Library. Register Here .

Finding Government Data on the Environment
This workshop will focus on finding governmental data relevant to research on sustainability, and will examine tools provided by agencies such as the EPA, Department of Energy, and some selected international sources. In addition, the session will suggest strategies for answering a data question, especially when it's unclear where to begin or when other sources have been exhausted. Register Here

Mergent Online Database for Investment Information
Interested in investing in or obtaining financial information about US or inter,national companies, please join us for a 40- minute session on Mergent Online, which is one of the most complete historical financial databases offering detailed insight into company and industry research, both historical and current. Register Here

Survival and Thrival Tips for International Students
Critical to academic success is your ability to do library research to produce papers for classes or complete your thesis or dissertation. This workshop is meant to provide some research tips and resources for international students (or other students). The session will be informal, so feel free to come with specific questions or concerns you might have from your own research experiences. We will also be able to try some example searches. Register Here

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