Fall 2013

Forever Green

We’re moving forward, we’re moving fast.  It’s hard to believe another academic year has begun, as we zoom quickly toward the University’s Centennial. We’ve added another 850 alumni into our ranks at Commencement in May. We held another Reunion Weekend, too–this one even larger and more exciting than the last. It was hard work, and we made some changes on the fly, but it turned out great and was well received by all in attendance!

This academic year we’ll continue to pick up speed and momentum. We have plans–big plans–as we prepare for that BIG celebration. We’ll be building strong alumni bonds with current students and other alumni through more career networking and better outreach. Our programs for recent graduates will get bigger and stronger as more young alumni are getting involved. And we’ll work to ignite the passion of alumni around the country to build a stronger network of alumni chapters, so every graduate, no matter the location, can feel united to our Marywood family. We’ll also continue to pay it forward this year–all of us together–supporting students by making a gift to the University. The dollar amount doesn’t matter; what matters is having more alumni make a contribution. That’s what counts.

To maintain this pace we’re putting out the “Help Wanted” sign.  A vibrant alumni program means we need more alumni volunteers.  We have something for everyone. You can even nominate yourself or a friend right now to serve on our Alumni Board starting next year.  Contact the Alumni Office to volunteer today.

And, let’s not forget—we’re now accepting nominations for our all-important 2014 Alumni Awards. It’s our time as a group to recognize and honor the outstanding accomplishments of our fellow alumni. Reach out now to nominate a friend or yourself!

We’re moving forward and we’re moving fast, but no matter our speed, we are Forever Green.

Forever Green,

Thom Sueta '89

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