Winter 2013-2014

Schierling Challenge

During Trustee Weekend, Hans Schierling, Marywood benefactor and husband of Antonia Gerod Schierling ’60, Marywood trustee, made a challenge to the entire alumni body to contribute to the Bold Heart Campaign. The Schierlings, who recently made a leadership gift that established the first endowed faculty chair at Marywood University, are encouraging others to do their part for Marywood’s future. The noteworthy challenge Hans issued to all follows:

This is our opportunity to support the ambitious Bold Heart Campaign to lead Marywood into her second century. As advertised and promised at the 2015 Society Dinner on October 18, 2013, I will swim, with a Bold Heart as many laps as I can in our state-of-the-art pool (and at my home pool in Rockville, MD) and you will contribute (with a Bold Heart) $100 for each lap and as many laps as you wish to our campaign. Cash, credit card and check are acceptable (made out to Marywood University, Bold Heart Campaign – for lap marathon). Be bold with your heart and your pocket book.

Thank you,
Hans Schierling
P.S. # laps will be lifeguard verified.

Pictured above: Hans Schierling is at the Marywood University Aquatics Center Dedication on April 15, 2011, after swimming several laps in the “Hans Bahn,” a lane in the pool for which he and his wife, Toni, provided financial support. Hans is putting his swimming and fundraising enthusiasm to good use again through the Schierling Challenge (see above), in support of A Bold Heart: the Centennial Campaign for Marywood University.

Visit our campaign website to learn more about the Bold Heart Campaign.


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