Fall 2012

Forever Green

This year, your Marywood Alumni Association (MAA) has begun to focus on the University’s Centennial in 2015 and the forthcoming campaign celebrating that once-in-a-lifetime event. To that end, the MAA Board of Directors has developed a new Strategic Plan, created some new ways for alumni to participate in and benefit from our association, and developed a new rallying slogan for Marywood alumni.

Our lifelong experience as Marywood alumni will improve with your volunteer participation. All of our lives improve when each individual life joins together for the greater good.

In this spirit, we have created a slogan that builds our individual and collective identity as Marywood alumni, especially as we anticipate the University's Centennial in 2015: “Forever Green.” It means we are living the Marywood experience throughout our entire lives. It means we are unified in spirit and in values under our Marywood color. It means we are always, at every point in our lives, part of something memorable, magical, and meaningful. We are empowered, individually and collectively, by the notion that we are “Forever Green.”

We hope you like our new slogan. You'll see it used in many forums and formats as we continue to dialog with you, to enjoy events with you, and to listen to your ideas for how we can collaborate in exciting and memorable ways to celebrate our Centennial in 2015.

“Forever Green” also reflects and supports our new MAA Strategic Plan to:

  1. Revitalize our alumni engagement efforts and programs
  2. Build a strong core of alumni volunteers
  3. Increase the percentage of alumni who provide financial support for the University

We've already taken action to jump start these initiatives, but you know what works best in your communities and how you can best represent Marywood values there. Let us know what will work in your community!
Every effort will require volunteers. If each of us gives a little help, all will benefit. Together, let’s forge the path to a wildly successful Centennial celebration. Volunteer. Make a Gift. Join with your fellow alumni.

Forever Green. Give Back. Get Involved. Make it a Habit.

Become part of your alumni community today! Share what "Forever Green" means to you on the Marywood Alumni Facebook Page.

Recurring Gift Program

The new Recurring Gift Program at Marywood University allows your gift to be automatically deducted monthly from your bank account or charged to your credit card in the amount you select. By enrolling in this program, you can continue giving to Marywood without receiving pledge reminders and/or phone calls. The program also breaks the gift out in to multiple payments, making it easier to consider a larger gift to Marywood. Catherine T. Petraglia ’51, who was the first to use the Recurring Gift Program said, “A monthly deduction is a great, convenient way for me to show my gratitude in some small way to the University and the Sisters. I cannot recommend this method highly enough—much better than making a pledge and receiving a monthly notification.”’

If you don't have a preference between having payments deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card, we encourage you to choose the bank account option as a fee is incurred each time your credit card is processed.

For more information, please visit alumni.marywood.edu/give or contact Advancement Services at (570) 348-6200 ext. 2462.

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