Winter 2013-2014

Join our Bold Heart Campaign

I remember being called "bold" when I was young. I don't recall it happening often, but my parents might disagree. As a child, "bold" had a negative connotation–someone defiant or misbehaved. However, after attending Marywood, I realized the amazing depth of the word and how being bold exemplified courage, confidence, and conviction. My bold behavior morphed into a "bold vision" and a "bold plan."

The Sisters who laid the foundation for Marywood a century ago knew a thing or two about being bold. It was Mother Cyril's bold vision, Mother Germaine's bold plan, and the bold heart of all the Sisters that created a college for women in an area where none existed, creating an educational legacy that has touched all of our lives, women and men alike.

In honor of our Founders , as well as the Marywood community that has helped to better our lives over the years, this bold child of forty-something years ago is calling upon his fellow alumni to take bold steps. Join our Bold Heart Campaign. It's an ideal opportunity for all of us as Marywood Alumni–as proud members of a very special Marywood Family–to give thanks for the gifts we've been given by giving back to the institution that helped bestow them.

During this time of gratitude, we also have the opportunity to celebrate the great accomplishments of our fellow graduates by becoming part of the Alumni Awards Celebration. The entire alumni community has the opportunity to nominate fellow graduates of Marywood who demonstrate the core values of their alma mater. Take part in the process today by visiting our reunion website.

The bold steps you take today, like Mother Cyril and Mother Germaine, will resonate well into the future and create opportunities for many generations of men and women to come.


Thom M. Sueta '89

Consider Joining the Marywood Alumni Board

Help us set the foundation for the second century of the University by becoming part of your Alumni Board at Marywood.  The Board represents more than 30,000 Marywood alumni in every state and more than 30 countries. The focus of our work is to better connect you to your alma mater and its bold future.  
Consider joining the Alumni Board by visiting alumni.marywood.edu or
by contacting Ann Williams at 570-961-4725 or awilliams@marywood.edu

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