Winter 2013-2014

Letter from the Editor

Meeting Our Second Century

I’ve always been a Marywood aficionado. (Considering what I do for a living, that’s a good thing!) My particular interest has been Marywood’s history. Even prior to intense preparations for the approaching Centennial, I could often be found reading some chronicle about Marywood’s past or sifting through vintage photos in the University Archives. Nothing, however, compares to the excitement I feel about Marywood’s future.

This issue was a particular joy to create, because its focus is our future—A Bold Heart: the Centennial Campaign for Marywood University. As an alumna, I want to know that our students have the kind of meaningful Marywood experience that I did, but I want them to have it in the context of their time—with the best possible facilities, programs, and opportunities available to shape their journeys and position them for success. I want students who dream of a college education to have access to that education. That’s what A Bold Heart will do. It isn’t about any one project—it’s about broadening the landscape of potential.

In this issue, as well as in forthcoming issues, we will be highlighting campaign priorities to help you better understand what Marywood University will accomplish through the Bold Heart Campaign, as well as what you can do to help us move forward. In addition to reading this magazine, I encourage you to visit our campaign website to get a multi-media view of the Bold Heart story and discover ways to get involved.  

Think about what it must have been like a hundred years ago, just prior to Marywood’s establishment—the sense of anticipation, knowing that planning would take the dream to a certain point, but faith and fortitude would have to lead the rest of the way. Now, with radiant possibilities on the horizon, Marywood’s second century is dawning. Join us in the bold initiative to meet it!

Warm regards,

Sheryl Lynn Sochoka ’92
Editor, Marywood Magazine

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