Winter 2013-2014

President's Message

Taking Bold Steps Forward

When we began thinking about our Centennial and the priorities that would ensure Marywood's strong future for generations to come, we knew we wanted to put forth a campaign that would capture the essence of the Marywood story—the values, the mission, and the vision that have been with us for our entire history. It was absolutely essential, as always, that the students would be at the center of it all. We also understood that an effective, meaningful campaign would have to balance these enduring tenets with an eye towards the future.

So, with great joy, I announce the launch of our new comprehensive capital endeavor, A Bold Heart: the Centennial Campaign for Marywood University!

This campaign provides a tremendous opportunity to craft another exciting century of transforming society through the students we educate. Our campus, our programs, and our numbers have grown because of a bold vision and because of generous individuals who believe in what we do.

This is a team effort. A Bold Heart: the Centennial Campaign for Marywood University will rely upon our campaign leadership; however, its success is also incumbent upon those leaders still among you. In fact, each of you has the capacity and ability to be a bold leader in this campaign—and we need you to join us!

This campaign affirms and advances the vision of our founders, the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Over the past 100 years, the Sisters have exercised a certain boldness in the face of many obstacles—often overcoming powerful resistance—in order to ensure a brand of education that endures more strongly today than ever before. And they created this brand of education with passion, a sense of justice, and a commitment to serving others—in other words, they put their hearts into it.

When I think about the bold hearts of these Sisters, my own heart and my inner resolve are strengthened and encouraged. Marywood University is a thriving tribute to our founders and a vital contributor to the strength of our region and our nation. During our second century, we expect to be innovators of programs we can't even imagine today.

I need you to join our campaign and spread the word about the outstanding things we are doing and planning to do here at Marywood. Share with us your ideas on how we can celebrate our Centennial in 2015 in ways that reflect our remarkable history and drive the momentum of our exciting future. Visit our campaign website, witness the excitement, and see where your bold heart leads you.

Together, our bold hearts can do great things!


Sister Anne Munley, IHM, Ph.D.
President, Marywood University

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