Fall 2013

Letter from the Editor

“You are beginning a new work, which in time will be multiplied.” - Comment attributed to Father Louis Florent Gillet, speaking to Mother Theresa Maxis, IHM

This past spring, I celebrated my 20th year of service at Marywood. When staff members reach this milestone at Marywood, they are presented with the Sister Theresa Maxis, IHM Service Award. The medal's namesake was a woman of great courage and a determined spirit—some might call her feisty.

Theresa Maxis, who co-founded the IHM Congregation with Father Gillet, was, above all, a visionary leader. Even in the face of adversity, she advanced the Alphonsian values of empowerment, excellence, holistic education, service, respect for all people, and the realization of God-given potential. As Father Gillet wisely observed, the work of Theresa Maxis has multiplied beyond all imagining. Her bold legacy is made new, again and again, in today's IHM Sisters and in all who embrace Marywood University's mission and core values.

Those who claim the Marywood spirit are also claiming the spirit of Theresa Maxis, whether they know it or not, because the two are inseparable. Each generation at Marywood gives new expression and significance to the important work she began so long ago. The pages of this issue proudly celebrate that unwavering spirit, as demonstrated by the accomplishments and mission-driven actions of today's students, faculty, trustees, alumni, parents, and friends of Marywood University.

As summer turns to fall, another inspiring chapter in Marywood's story is being written; we've begun the “new work” of this generation. I think Theresa Maxis would be proud.

Kind regards,

Sheryl Lynn Sochoka ’92
Editor, Marywood Magazine

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