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Arts Alive Programs

Visual Arts

A month long adventure into the visual arts will help students understand the artistic process. Senior visual art students will refine their skills and build their portfolios. The faculty of visual artists will lead students in an exploration of different techniques and mediums. All visual Arts Alive students will showcase their work in an exhibition at the culmination of the program.

Junior Programs:

  • Illustration: The course begins with a week of dynamic direct drawing; students will draw themselves, each other, and anything available. These skills will then be engaged with conceptual thinking, through a series of lively projects involving narrative, theatrical, symbolic, expressive, and on-location illustration. The history of illustration will be presented, as well as what is current, to introduce new sources of influence and inspiration. Students will learn to use illustration to impact and react to society, environment, and this very program.

  • Graphic Arts: Graphic design is a creative process that takes visual art to a new level by utilizing technology. Students will have the opportunity to experience how this design process can affect or enhance their art form of choice. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of design and their application in a computer based art form. Basic principles of color, shape, image, form, type, and hierarchy will be covered as they apply to compiling compositions of effective communication. Working on professional computer programs, students will study creative problem solving, visual identity and design conceptualizing.

Senior Programs:

  • Ceramics: This course will concentrate on techniques used to create forms in clay through hand-building and the use of the pottery wheel. Students will be using pinching, molding and slab techniques to create a variety of creative projects. Finished projects will explore various firing processes, including Raku and pit firing. Students are expected bring to the table a sense of creativity and a level of enthusiasm that will compliment the technical skills that they will be learning. Using their sense of design and technical skill, students will produce objects that are sophisticated, neat, well thought out and creative.

  • Glass Making: Students will have the opportunity to work in the only glass shop between Philadelphia, PA and Corning, NY, on the campus of Keystone College. Students will explore cold, warm, and hot work during the program and will be able to create glass sculptures and functional objects utilizing the techniques of slumping and fusing, mold-making, glass blowing, and assemblage. Truly a unique opportunity, students are encouraged to try this dynamic medium.

  • Jewelry Making: Jewelry making will be a beginning metalsmithing experience. Students will learn cutting, forging, setting and finishing techniques. Some of the materials explored will include, metals, clay, wood and glass. We will be exploring materials, patterns and techniques from various cultures throughout the world and the history of jewelry making.

  • Mixed Media: This course will introduce conceptual, installation and functional art through the use of a variety of media such as collage, mixed media, print making, and alternative process imaging. Students will be using a combination of materials: paper, fabric, mylar, wood, metal, wax, newspaper, magazine clippings, found objects, paint, photographs and Xerox. The class will consist of lectures on various artists, technical demonstrations, classroom discussions, “hands-on” work time, collaborative and independent projects and critiques. We will also explore the relationship between text and image. All mixed media students will also study graphic arts.

  • Painting: Students will be painting and drawing every day in an intense yet fun studio environment using acrylic, charcoal, graphite, pastels and anything that makes a mark to explore our creative potential!


Performing Arts

Performing artists will leave Arts Alive with an advantage when auditioning for competitive roles within their high schools. All performing arts students in Arts Alive will participate in a full length musical theatre production to be performed at the culmination of the program. Their experience will take them through the creative process from beginning to end under the supervision of a talented and accomplished performing arts faculty.


  • Musical Theatre: The musical theatre course encompasses all components of musical theatre such as dance, vocal and acting in an exciting integrated experience. Students will participate in all of the performing art forms and sing, dance and act in an original production that will include adapted Broadway musical pieces and choreography.

  • Instrumental Music: The instrumental musical course is a world music drum-circle ensemble, that is open to students of all ability levels. Come learn a variety of folk and tribal music pieces from around the world for indigenous, non-western percussion instruments. Students interact with one another as small and large ensembles with hands-on, live music making and improvisation.

For more information about Arts Alive, contact Jolene Maros-Skumanich at (570) 876-9231 or

Department of Music, Theatre & Dance | Sette LaVerghetta Center for Performing Arts | (570) 348-6268