String Celebration Event Information

Marywood String Celebration: Event Information

Marywood University String Celebration

October 20 - 21, 2017


Nomination Procedure

Each director can nominate deserving students from their program for participation using the online nomination forms. The nomination deadline for the Fall 2017 Marywood University String Celebration is 5:00 PM on Friday, September 29, 2017. If a director knows they would like to nominate students but are unable to meet the posted deadline, please contact the event administrators in advance. There is no maximum or minimum number of students that must be nominated by any single director. Directors are asked to recommend whether each student they nominate should also be considered for concertmaster or section principal. Students should be listed in ranked order, beginning with the most advanced student. Directors are asked to spell all names as they should appear in the printed concert program. In order to help achieve a balanced total ensemble, directors are encouraged to nominate students from all sections of their orchestra whenever possible.



Students will be accepted in rank order on a rotating basis from all programs submitting nominations until an ensemble of appropriate size and balance has been achieved. Directors will be notified of their accepted students via email during the week of October 3, 2016. Only those accepted students being considered for concertmaster or section principal are required to perform an audition, which will take place on the first day of the event; auditions are not required for any other accepted students.


Participation Fee

The participation fee of $60.00 for each accepted student (all grades) is due by October 20, 2017. As the result of fixed administrative costs, no cancellation reimbursements for registration fees will be made after October 13th, one week prior to the festival. This policy has been instated to keep  participation costs at the lowest possible level. Any director who anticipates difficulty remitting payment by this deadline should contact the event administrator in advance. An invoice is available as a downloadable PDF off the String Celebration webpage.


Sheet Music

Dropbox Links for Sheet Music:

Photo and Video Release

Marywood University may have photographs taken and video recordings made during the Marywood University String Celebration. These media may be used in print and on the Web by Marywood University for publicity and informational purposes. By participating in the Marywood University String Celebration students and directors authorize Marywood to use these media, unless they explicitly state otherwise in writing.          


Travel and Housing

Travel and housing arrangements and associated costs are the sole responsibility of the individual schools and programs attending the event. Marywood University bears no responsibility for these arrangements and associated costs, and said costs are not included in the per-students participation fee. Parking decals allowing free parking on the Marywood campus will be provided for school and director vehicles. If overnight accommodations are necessary or desired, event administrators can refer directors to local hotels offering discounted rates to those involved in Marywood events.

Director Identification

As per Marywood policy all visiting teachers are required to have their faculty/school identification displayed and visible on their person at all times. Your cooperation with this policy helps insure the safety and security of members of the Marywood Community and all invited guests.



If you have any questions please contact:
Sophie Till
Administrator, 2017 String Celebration
(570) 348-6268 ext. 2378