Music, Theatre, and Dance: Ensembles

Large and small performing arts (music, theatre, dance) ensembles are open to all Marywood University students by audition or permission of the appropriate director. Additionally, some music ensembles are open to community volunteers.

Vocal Ensembles

  • Concert Choir: SATB mixed chorus; membership open to music majors, non-majors, and community volunteers. No audition is required, but interested members should contact the Director to be assigned a voice part. All voice majors, as well as freshmen/sophomore music majors required to participate in concert choir.
  • Chamber Singers: select 20-to-24 voice mixed ensemble. Chamber Singers is the top touring ensemble. Audition required.


  • Orchestra: large orchestral ensemble; membership open to music majors, non-majors, and community volunteers. Permission of the Director is required for participation. All string music majors required to participate in orchestra.

  • Wind Symphony: The Wind Symphony is Marywood’s premiere large instrumental band ensemble and participation is required of all Marywood Music majors whose major performance medium (as determined by departmental acceptance audition) lies in the winds or percussion area. This group focuses on literature requiring large instrumental forces.

  • Wind Ensemble: The Wind Ensemble is Marywood’s premiere small instrumental ensemble and participation is required of all Marywood music instrumental majors, but welcomes other Marywood students via audition. The Wind Ensemble consists of woodwind, brass, and percussion players who perform pieces of various instrumentation and styles best suited for smaller and flexible instrumental forces. More about the Wind Ensemble 

  • Jazz Ensemble: medium-size instrumental jazz ensemble; membership open to music majors and non-majors.

Small music ensembles

  • Woodwind Ensemble: small instrumental winds ensemble; open to woodwind majors and non-majors.
  • Brass Ensemble: small instrumental brass ensemble; open to brass majors and non-majors.
  • Percussion Ensemble: small instrumental percussion ensemble; open to percussion majors and non-majors.
  • Chamber Music Ensembles: small instrumental groups focusing on the performance of classical chamber music repertoire for strings, winds, and piano.
  • Guitar Ensemble: open to classical guitar majors and non-majors.
  • Flute Ensemble: open to flute majors and non-majors.


  • Theatre ensemble for main-stage and student-directed production consists of all theatre degree students as well as non-majors who wish to be involved in public performance. There are three main-stage productions each year, including Children's Theatre.


  • Dance Ensemble: open to all dance minors as well as any other University student interested in dance. There is a dance concert every year, alternating a professional guest performance with a student/guest performance.