Music, Theatre, and Dance: Musical Theatre

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Musical Theatre

This program combines degree work in music, theatre, and dance. Musical Theatre majors are prepared for a career in musical theatre and/or drama. This program has received final approval for listing in the NASM Directory.

Program objectives are to develop competencies in the three areas fundamental to the study of musical theatre: music, acting and dance.  In addition, students will become familiar with the separate and combined standards for effective theatrical/musical performance, they will be introduced to technical aspects of musical theatre production, and they will develop a commitment to the concept of ensemble. Students must appear in public music and dance performance each year at Marywood. An audition is required for entrance and regular juries assess the student’s progress in music, theatre and dance

*For music, theatre, and dance components, see course numbers, titles, and credits listed below.


I. Music Component (31 cr.)


MUSC 111A, B Written Theory I 4
MUSC 112A, B Aural Skills I 2
MUSC 127A Class Piano 2
MUSC 218A,B Conducting I 1
MUSC 220A, B Vocal Pedagogy 2
MUSC 319A, B Musical Theatre Repertoire         3
MUSC 322, 323                           History of Music I, II 6
MUSC varies Applied Major 7
MUSC varies Concert Choir 2
MUSC varies Elective 2


II. Theatre Component (30 cr.)


THEA 114 Stagecraft                                                           3
THEA 130 A or B Theatre Lab 1
THEA 230 A or B Theatre Lab 1
THEA 241 Fundamentals of Acting 3
THEA 242 Advanced Acting 3
THEA 244 A,B,C,D      Audition Workshop 2
THEA 247A Stage Management 2
THEA 330 A or B   Theatre Lab 1
THEA 341 Theatre History 2
THEA 342A Script Analysis 2
THEA 342B Survey of Dramatic Literature                                               2
THEA 347 Fundamentals of Directing 3  
THEA 404 Theatre as Business 2
THEA 451 Capstone Project 3


III. Dance Component (15 cr.)


DANC 140 Fundamentals of Dance/Movement 3
DANC 141 Body Awareness (must enroll in 141L) 2
DANC 141L Body Awareness Lab 1
DANC 142 Fundamentals of Improv/Choreography 3
DANC (varies)* Dance Technique 6


* Dance technique courses: ballet, jazz, modern, tap, musical theatre, stage combat, and special topics.


TOTAL:      121-122 credits