COVID-19 Dashboard

Campus Metrics Summary for Nov. 16th through Nov. 22nd*

Ten students reported testing positive.

(Includes testing performed both on and off campus)

Thirty-seven total tests reported/performed.

Zero employees reported testing positive.

Seven tests reported.

Reported Positive Student Cases: 10

Students in Quarantine/Isolation: 33

Students meeting criteria to discontinue quarantine/isolation: 34

Negative Student Tests: 24 (3 results still pending)

Reported Positive Employee Cases: 0

Employees in Quarantine/Isolation: 8

Employees meeting criteria to discontinue quarantine/isolation: 5

Negative Employee Tests: 6 (1 result still pending)

Total of Reported Positive cases since 8/24/2020 (includes lab confirmed and probable positive cases)

Students: 54

Employees: 5

*Note: Information provided reflects activity within a given week. Because the general timeframe for isolation (10 days) and quarantine (14 days) overlaps with weekly reporting, numbers between weeks will differ