First Wednesdays at the Library are Back!

Published on Tue, January 31, 2012

For the second consecutive year, a series of discussions and presentations will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, starting on February 1. The idea came to fruition last year when the Public Services Librarians decided to do more outreach to the campus community, aiming to encourage students to enhance their public presentation skills.

Last year, the library hosted three events throughout the spring semester, covering a variety of topics. This time, students will have the opportunity to learn more about zines and yoga—two of the topics that will be presented.

Events will also be scheduled on March 14 (the university will be on Spring Break on March 7) and April 4. For more information about First Wednesdays at the Library, please contact Annette Fisher, information literacy librarian, at

11-12p  Scranton Zine Fest:  Bridging History and Creating Commentary
Presented by Graphic Design student, Jessica Meoni, a short history of the zines, examples of zines, how to make your own zine.

12-1p  Techniques for a Calmer Outlook on College Life
Presented by Natashah Coy or Victoria Ann Rites, introduction to basic relaxation techniques you can do in your daily life.

1-2p  Everything you wanted to know about our Study Abroad Program
Presented by Marywood students--learn about their adventures and learn how easy and cost efficient study abroad can be.

2-3p  Cool sites for health and wellness
Presented by Librarian Annette Fisher, let's discover sites that emphasize wellness--learn practical information you can use from recipes to vitamin and supplement information.

3-4p  What everyone should know about wellness
Presented by Natashah Coy or Victoria Ann Rites, discover your strengths on the personal wellness wheel and establish your personal goals to improve your health.