Community Residents Complete GED Program at Marywood

Published on Tue, June 26, 2012

On Thursday, June 21, more than 25 GED students accomplished what, until now, seemed like an impossible dream: earning a high school diploma. With the help of Marywood University's GED program, however, those dreams became a reality.

"The reasons these students have not already finished their high school diploma are not always the reasons people think," said Ann Janowicz, program manager for Marywood's GED program. "Having a GED could mean (to them) what a college degree means for some people. They've waited and had to put it off for years."

Photo courtesy of Bernie Andreoli PhotographyThe Pennsylvania Department of Education's Bureau of Adult Basic Literacy Education awarded Marywood University funding to deliver adult literacy services and GED preparation courses. According to Janowicz, most students spend 50 to 75 hours in the program, studying subjects such as language, math, social studies, science and reading.

Upon graduation, students can transition into better jobs or enter into post-secondary education programs.

"Without this credential, it is nearly impossible to find employment," said Janowicz. "Now these students have a chance to improve their lives."

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