Students Sweep ADDY Awards

Published on Thu, March 29, 2012

Marywood University art students swept the student awards at the NEPA 2012 ADDY Awards ceremony at the annual awards dinner in Wilkes-Barre in early March. This is the seventh consecutive year in which Marywood art students have won ADDY Awards.

The ceremony, held at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, recognized 2011 creative efforts in print, web, video, radio and outdoor advertising and design, primarily featuring the work of professionals in the ad agency business throughout the region.

Marywood undergraduate and graduate students won best-of-show, gold, and silver awards, and the University staff was recognized for the second consecutive year for creative expertise in a communications field.

Marywood University students started winning ADDYs in 2005 when Marywood professors of graphic design, John Meza and Christine Medley, began encouraging their students to enter into the competition. Seven years later, the awards keep rolling in.

"The award ceremony provides exposure for students' work and is also a wonderful opportunity for students to network with area professionals," Meza said. "Having our students consistently win the top awards is a positive reflection on the effectiveness of our graphic design program."

In the student division of the regional ADDY competition, five Marywood University students walked away with eight awards. Graduate student Tomlynn Fallon Biondo '06 won three awards, including "Best of Show" for her children's book illustration (pictured on our homepage), as well as a "Gold" and a "Silver" ADDY. Undergraduate student Patricia Keryc received the Judge's Choice" award and a "Gold" ADDY in the student division for her works "Natural Care" and "Elephant Poaching." Three undergraduates won Silver ADDYs: Cheryll Davies won for her work, "Nudles: The Natural Pasta;" Jess Meoni for her work, "The Black Sox Swindle Infographic;" and Patrick Monohan for his work, "Military PX."

Left to right: Cynthia Jones, Christine Medley, Patrick Monahan, Jessica Meoni, Cheryll Davies, Patti KerycMs. Biondo, a current MFA student and also a full-time graphic designer in the Marywood University Marketing and Communications Department, was the only individual at the ADDYs to receive three awards. Having won ADDYs as both an undergraduate and graduate student, Biondo is now a six-time ADDY Award winner.

"It's great to be acknowledged for my work," Biondo said. "I am already looking forward to competing next year."

In a repeat of last year's ADDY awards, the University staff was recognized for innovation in a key communications area—this time in website development. Marywood University received a Silver ADDY for its mobile website, a version of the University's main website that is accessed by users' smart phones. The mobile website, created and built by Marywood staff members, launched at the beginning of the fall semester. In last year's ADDY awards, Marywood University received a Silver ADDY in the "Self-Promotion: Mixed Media" category for an on-campus communications campaign developed by the Marketing & Communications Department.

When asked about the 2012 ADDY Award for the mobile website, Director of Web Development Sr. Kathleen Burns, IHM, said, "I think it acknowledges that we have a highly-professional, well-crafted site that meets the needs of our audiences. Mobile users are looking for quick information, and hopefully we can provide them with that."

The mobile site was developed by the University's Web Team—Sister Kathleen Burns, IHM, Web Programmer Mark Pitely, Web Design Specialist Amy Fedele, and Web Content Director Todd Pousley. Unlike other college mobile sites that require the user to download an application, Marywood's mobile site opens immediately when a user types in on his or her smart phone.

Sr. Kathleen pointed out that the mobile site is geared toward finding quick information while on the move. Ms. Fedele added that, in developing and maintaining a mobile site, it is important to select information that is most relevant to users. It took the web team six months, from concept to launch, to complete the development of the mobile site, and the team continually works to upgrade the site.

"The mobile site is an evolving beast," Ms. Fedele said, with a smile. "We got a lot of positive feedback when the site launched, and we always try to incorporate those suggestions."

Marywood professor Christine Medley also won a Gold ADDY for her "Robert Griffith's Exhibit Catalog."

Nationwide, The American Advertising Federation's ADDY Awards attract more than 50,000 entries for local competitions every year. The regional ADDY competition is the first of a three-tier, national competition. At the second tier, local winners compete against other winners in15 district competitions. District winners then move on to the third tier, the national ADDY Awards competition.

Top: Tomlynn Fallon Biondo

Middle: Cynthia Jones, Christine Medley, Patrick Monahan, Jessica Meoni, Cheryll Davies, Patti Keryc

Bottom: Sr. Kathleen Burns, IHM, Todd Pousley, Peter Kilcullen