Street Team Uses Social Media to Connect with Students

Published on Tue, January 15, 2013

In the fall, a trio of students—Erica Nealon, Madison Reeder, and Dominique Kozuch—were asked to document their lives at Marywood: one tweet, photo, or blog post at a time. Since then, the group, dubbed Marywood's "Street Team," has been using Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to share their experiences and build a following.

Kozuch, a senior illustration major, who has been a resident assistant for the past three years, says she has always had an interest in blogging and her experience as a Street Team member has been enjoyable.

"It's a great way to document my senior year," Kozuch explains. "I want it to be a blog about what I am doing. So, it takes some thought to figure out what's important to write about and what isn't."

Writing about her artwork, excursions into New York City, and—most interestingly—what it was like in her role as resident assistant during Hurricane Sandy, Kozuch hasn't had a shortage of interesting topics to discuss. When asked how people have been responding to her writing, Kozuch says the feedback has been positive.

"I do have followers," she says. "People might ask questions like, 'What is your favorite part of being an R.A.?' It's nice that people ask me things."

Kozuch, along with Nealon and Reeder, hopes that sharing their collective experiences online will help shape the digital conversation about the university, adding student voices to the mix.

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