Athletic Training Major and Published Author

Published on Thu, April 26, 2012

By Meaghan Thomas

Senior athletic training major Kevin Phillips excels in both athletic training and authorship. In addition to his successes as an undergraduate, Phillips will have his article, "Optimizing Rock Climbing Performance through Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning," published in the next issue of the Strength and Conditioning Journal. This industry journal is geared toward strength coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other health professionals, and serves as the official journal of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) which allows professionals in the field to share knowledge in their specialty.

"This is a major achievement for Kevin and for our department," said Cynthia Wright, Ph.D., ATC, Program Director of Athletic Training.

What initially interested you in majoring in athletic training?

I honestly did not know a lot about athletic training before I came into the program. I have always been an athlete, so I thought what could be better than working with and helping others who enjoy sports and being physically active. I made a great choice because I love the major and can't wait to get a job in the field.

What inspired you to write an article for the Strength and Conditioning Journal?

Rock climbing is one of my favorite of my specialties. I hope to use my knowledge of athletic training and strength and conditioning to work with athletes in the sport.

Has any faculty member inspired you through your successes at Marywood?

Dr. Smoliga was a huge inspiration and mentor to me. He not only helped write the article, but also taught me a great deal throughout the process. Shelby Yeager has also been an inspiration. Her passion and knowledge of athletic training has truly improved our program throughout the last couple years.

What do you plan on doing with your major after you graduate?

I hope to attend graduate school and study exercise science. As for a job, I would love to work with rock climbers or an ice hockey team.