Remodeled Bookstore Holds Grand Reopening

Published on Tue, September 25, 2012

On Wednesday, September 26, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Marywood community will celebrate the grand reopening of its bookstore. With a ribbon-cutting ceremony, live music, and other activities, students and patrons will have the opportunity to join in and kick off a new era for the bookstore. Joan Diehl, general manager, took a few minutes to answer some questions about what students and patrons can expect.

Q: Describe some of the new features and services of the bookstore.

A: The bookstore has a wide assortment of products that would appeal to college students. We offer laptops, tablets, computer supplies, general reading bestsellers, book bags, health and beauty products, confections, cold beverages, school supplies, imprinted clothing, gifts and, of course, textbooks. The bookstore has a textbook rental program that began last fall. Students can rent their textbooks for less that 50 percent of the cost of a new book. We also have some titles available in digital format.

Q: Why make changes to the old bookstore? Why now?

A: The old bookstore needed new fixtures to be able to hold the amount of textbooks that are needed for a semester. The look of the store was outdated and was due for a remodel. We had decided to wait two full semesters before remodeling so we can make the decisions needed to maximize the space.

Q: What has been the reaction to the changes?

A: The campus community really seems to like the changes. We have heard nothing but positive feedback about the work that has been done to the space.

Q: Looking ahead, how will a newly-remodeled bookstore benefit students?

A: We would hope that students would find their bookstore to be an inviting place to shop. We are always looking for student feedback, comments, and concerns. We encourage students to continue to suggest items that we may have overlooked and can potentially bring into the store for them.