Application Programming Services

Provides programming support and training for the administrative computing systems, as well as ongoing technical support for administrators and staff.  This includes programming for over 5,000 applications that manage the University’s business functions, such as registration, paying tuition fees, and viewing course requirements online.

Network and System Administration Services

Maintains the networks, phone, and internet connection throughout campus. 19 buildings are wired for voice, data and video with wireless capabilities widespread throughout the campus. Users regularly access the Internet through 220 MB of internet connectivity. Over 600 student computers connect to our network in dorms.

User Support Services

Provides Help Desk and Training support. The Help Desk is centralized and multi-campus-wide, and provides desktop and software support. Training by expert User Support staff is given on Office products and specialized software.

Web Development

The Web Team comprises all of the pieces that make the webpage possible, from policy, to design, to implementation. They are responsible for the organization and maintenance of the website and have an array of skills, such as programming, graphic design, photography, and videography that help make department pages functional and unique. 

Academic Computing

Advises and assists faculty in the use of instructional technology, including the learning management system Moodle.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP plans and manages the integration of Datatel Colleague on campus, providing students, faculty, and staff with direct access to accurate, reliable, and timely data.