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Moodle Videos & Documentation

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- Grading an Assignment
- Offline Activity
- Online Text
- Uploading a Single File
- Uploading Multiple Files


- Adding Attendance
- Creating Multiple Sessions
- Taking Attendance

Backup, Reset & Import

- Backing Up Your Course
- Importing Material From Another Course
- Reseting Your Course
- Restoring From a Backup

Editing Tools

- Basic Moodle Terminology

Files & Messages

- Adding the Message Block & Contacts
- Displaying a Directory
- Linking to a File or Website
- Making a Folder and Adding Files
- Sending and Receiving Messages
- Uploading a File
- Uploading Multiple Files at Once

Forums & Chats

- Adding a Chat
- Course Announcements
- Creating a Forum
- Grading a Forum
- Posting and Replying to a Forum

Getting Started

- Changing the Settings
- Creating A Moodle ID
- Editing Tools
- Updating Your E-mail Address
- Uploading Profile Photo
- View Participants

Groups & Rubrics

- Assign a Grouping to an Activity
- Creating a Group
- Creating a Grouping
- Creating a Rubric
- Grading with a Rubric

Quizzes & Questions

- Creating a Quiz
- Creating Essay Questions
- Creating Matching Questions
- Creating Multiple Choice Questions
- Creating True & False Questions
- Import From Word Template to a Quiz
- Installing Word Template to Create a Quiz
- Using Word Template to Create a Quiz

Special Topics

- Extra Credit
- How to Paste Text From Word

Training Documentation

- Administration Block
- Assignment Tools
- Backup and Reset Functions
- Communication Tools
- Creating an E-Portfolio
- Creating Questions
- Creating Quiz Questions
- Extra Credit
- Managing A Gradebook

Featured Video : Basic Moodle Terminology

Featured Video : How to Paste Text From Word

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Contact the office at (570) 340-6048.

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