PhD Program in Human Development

Program Philosophy

Marywood recognizes that human beings develop as unique individuals within complex networks of families, societies, and cultures. The Ph.D. Program in Human Development examines the myriad ways in which people grow over their lifetime physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. The Ph.D. Program is founded on the belief that the study of human development is at once the most fundamental and most far-ranging scholarly endeavor.

Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of Marywood University, the primary goal of the Ph.D. Program in Human Development is to master the professional and leadership skills necessary for meeting human needs. Through a strong interdisciplinary focus, students are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century by providing unifying leadership in an increasingly interdependent world.

Program Goals

Marywood's Ph.D. Program in Human Development helps students to:

  1. Develop an interdisciplinary understanding of human behavior that reflects the complexity of human beings from philosophical, physiological, psychological, spiritual, economic, social, and cultural dimensions.

  2. Examine the underlying interdisciplinary and discipline-specific ethical issues.

  3. Engage in interdisciplinary scientific inquiry to address the complex problems of today's society.

  4. Develop in-depth knowledge in their chosen specialization.

  5. Demonstrate competence as a leader and a desire to provoke social change.