Program Structure

Marywood's Ph.D. in Administration & Leadership is a 60-credit post-Masters program that is interdisciplinary in nature and research-focusedSpecializations allow you to concentrate your study on a specific discipline area.

Flexible program options enable you to complete your Ph.D. in either 4-years or 6-years and offers three concentration specializations. The program does not require on-campus residency. Some courses are offered in the evenings and other courses are offered online or hybrid to fit the hours of working professionals. Continuous registration each fall/spring semester is required. In the dissertation phase, students are required to register for credits over the summer session.

Interdisciplinary Core Courses (12 Credits)

D/HD 1021 Theory of Development and Change -- Hybrid (fall)
D/HD 1031 Social and Economic Dimensions of Human Development (fall)
D/HD 1041 Physiological and Psychological Bases of Human Development Hybrid (spring)
D/HD 1100 Professional Ethics -- Online (spring)

Research Courses (12 Credits)

D/HD 1011 Advanced Statistical Analysis (fall)
D/HD 1013 Advanced Correlation (spring)
D/HD 1015 Qualitative Research Online (spring)
D/HD 1017 Quantitative Methodology--Hybrid (fall)

Applied Interdisciplinary Core Courses (12 Credits) -- Select 4 courses:

D/HD 1005 Models of Teaching--Online
D/HD 1012 Communication Theory & Organizational Dynamics--Online
D/HD 1030 Financial & Strategic Planning--Hybrid
D/HD 1109 Law & Public Policy--Hybrid
D/HD 1112 The Grantsmanship Process--Online
D/HD 1140 Program Development & Evaluation--Online
D/HD 1150 Labor Relations & Human Resources
D/HD 1151 Academic Writing--Online
D/HD 1152 Mentored Teaching/Internship (PRQ: D/HD 1005)

Specialization Courses (12 Credits)

Organizational Leadership

D/OL 1161 Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Leadership
D/OL 1162 Organizational Leadership Theory & Research
D/OL 1163 Policy Formulations & Analysis
D/OL 1164 Consultancy Project/Practicum

College/University Teaching

D/ED 1155 Theory & Application of Instructional Design Models--Online
D/ED 1156 Best Practices for Online Learning--Online
D/ED 1157 Assessing Student Learning--Online
D/ED 1158 Adult Learning Theory--Online

Health Promotion

D/HP 1102 Social Epidemiology--Online
D/HP 1103 Management of the Health & Human Services
D/HP 1120 Global Health & Multicultural Health Disparities--Online
D/HP 1121 Public Health in Action                                

Dissertation Seminar (3 Credits) + Dissertation (9 Credits)

D/HD 1051 Selected Topics: Dissertation Seminar (fall) -- taken after completing qualifying experience and all coursework (48 credits)