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Introductory Period of Employment for Administrators and Staff

Policy Statement

The first sixty days of employment in a position constitute an introductory period for every full-time and part-time employee, whether new or internally transferred. At the end of the period, the employee's immediate supervisor prepares a written evaluation, discusses it with the employee, and gives him or her a signed copy

If the employee's performance during the introductory period was satisfactory, the employee becomes eligible for benefit days according to his or her employment status and classification.

If the employee's performance during the introductory period was unsatisfactory, employment may be terminated. However, an extension of the introductory period, not to exceed thirty calendar days, may be granted at the discretion of the supervisor and the appropriate vice president, at the end of which a final decision is made.


An explanation of the introductory period is a standard part of the hiring process.

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07/01/91 - Reaffirmed with publication of Personnel Manual
02/24/06 - Revison approved, with change of title from Introductory Period of Employment, by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.