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Employment Benefits Eligibility

Policy Statement

Marywood University offers many benefit programs and services to its employees. A general summary of available benefits provided by the University to its employees does not constitute a contract.

Benefits eligibility is dependent upon a variety of factors, including length of employment and employee status.

Benefit plans are described in summary plan descriptions and official plan documents. In case of conflict between a general summary and official contracts and documents, the official plan documents will govern. Information about requirements, exclusions, and limitations is provided in plan booklets.

The University in the person of the administrator charged with the administration of each benefit has the authority to interpret its terms, as well as full discretionary authority with regard to administrative matters arising in connection with them. This extends to all issues concerning benefit eligibility and entitlement.

The University retains the right to modify or eliminate any benefits or programs it provides, as well as increase the cost to employees of such benefits and programs at any time.

Benefit days may be taken in increments or portions of a day at the discretion of an employee's immediate supervisor.

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07/01/91 - Reaffirmed with publication of the Personnel Manual
02/13/98 - Revised to include reference to portions of benefit days
01/27/07 - Cyclical review approved