Marywood University Policy & Procedure Information

Vacation for Administrators and Staff

Policy Statement

Vacation is structured to provide flexibility for the employee while maintaining the ongoing needs of the University.

A vacation week is calculated based on the usual five-day work week. Exceptions are noted below. At least one week of an employee’s annual vacation must be taken as a block of five consecutive days.

The immediate supervisor will attempt to accommodate each employee’s requested vacation schedule, but must schedule vacations in such a way as to ensure appropriate staffing. Employees must request vacations of less than one week at least two weeks in advance, and of a week or more, thirty days in advance when possible. Vacation may not be scheduled as part of a resignation or retirement notice. Exceptions to these notification requirements may be approved by the immediate supervisor.

Regular, full- and part-time employees whose annual schedule is twelve months are eligible for vacation benefits. No other employees are eligible for this benefit. The number of days to which employees are entitled varies by employee classification and by length of service. Years of service are measured on the University’s fiscal year, July 1 to June 30, and vacations accrued as of a particular July 1 must be used before the next June 30. Employees are allowed to carry vacation equal to one week of scheduled work hours past June 30 of each year, to be used by September 30 of that year. No other days may be carried into another fiscal year. An employee is not paid for unused vacation days. Vacation benefits are as follows:

Executive Officers and Vice President
On date of hire                       five weeks
Annually on July1                   five weeks

Academic Deans
On date of hire                        four weeks
After 3 years                           five weeks

Assistant Vice Presidents and Dean of Students
On date of hire                        15 days
after 1 year                             16 days
after 2 years                           18 days
after 3 years                           20 days
after 4 years                           21 days
after 5 years                           23 days
after 6 years                           25 days

Administrative and professional employees
(exempt, full-time, regular)
after 6 months of service          5 days
after 1 year                             15 days
after 2 years                           17 days
after 3 years                           18 days
after 4 years                           19 days
after 5 years                           20 days
after 6 years                           21 days
after 7 years                           22 days
after 8 years                           23 days
after 9 years                           24 days
after 10 years                         25 days

Hourly rate employees

Schedule below is based on five-day work week; other work schedules will be pro-rated accordingly.

NOTE: one week is equal to the total hours normally scheduled to work in one week

(nonexempt, full-time, regular)
after 6 months                         5 days
after 1 year                             10 days
after 2 years                            12 days
after 3 years                            13 days
after 4 years                            14 days
after 5 years                            15 days
after 6 years                            16 days
after 7 years                            17 days
after 8 years                            18 days
after 9 years                            19 days
after 10 years                          20 days
after 11 years                          21 days
after 12 years                          22 days
after 13 years                          23 days
after 14 years                          24 days
after 15 years                          25 days

Administrative and professional employees
(nonexempt, part-time)

Using a 35-hour week as standard, part-time employees receive a pro-rated allotment of days based on the full-time allotment. Each pay day is based on the employee’s normal work day.

Formula: Part time hours worked ÷ 35 hours x vacation allotment.

For example, a 5-year employee who is regularly scheduled to work 4 hours a day, 20 hours per week, will receive 8.5 days of vacation each year payable at 4 hours per day.

Employees who transfer from part time to full time will receive the vacation allotment for one year of service on the subsequent July 1. A transitional amount of days will be given at the time of the transfer. If by way of transfer an employee will lose vacation benefits, e.g., from full time to part time or from professional staff to hourly staff, the lower benefit will be applied on the subsequent July 1.

All vacation time will be recorded in hours based on the individual employee’s scheduled work week (i.e., 35 hours, 37.5 hours or 40 hours/week). Exempt employees are scheduled at 40 hours/week.

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07/01/91 - Reaffirmed with publication of Personnel Manual
03/31/95 - Revised to clarify benefit for administrative personnel
11/06/98 - Revision approved as recommended by University Committee on Policy
01/30/06 - Cyclical review approved
10/10/12 - Revision approved by the President as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University
02/19/16 – Revised to clarify hours that are allocated approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University
05/12/21 – Revision to update the exempt employees work week from 35 hours to 40 hours per week approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Employee Benefits Committee at their 4/26/21 meeting