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Worker's Compensation

Policy Statement

All employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The University pays the full cost of this insurance. This insurance provides compensation for lost wages and/or medical expenses incurred in the event of occupational injuries and/or diseases.

Employees are required to treat with one of the University’s panel of health care providers for the first ninety days of a Worker’s Compensation injury or disease. Payment for wages and/or medical bills may be refused if the employee does not comply.

Claims are reviewed and approved according to the process of State law. The amount paid to an employee is determined by State law and is in lieu of salary.

Compensation for lost wages due to a job-related disability is paid starting on the eighth calendar day of disability. If an individual is out of work for 14 or more calendar days, s/he will also receive retroactive compensation for the first seven days of disability.

To ensure prompt and efficient handling of Worker’s Compensation claims, an accident must be reported immediately to the Human Resources Department.

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07/01/89 - Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual
01/30/06 - Cyclical review approved
12/11/15 - Revision to clarify intent of this policy approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee.