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Performance Development Program for Administrators and Staff

Policy Statement

The Marywood University campus-wide performance development program provides for collaboration between employees and their supervisors. It is designed to help administrators and staff members set goals, evaluate performance, and plan for future development. The program ties each employee's performance to the core values of the University, and it holds supervisors accountable for several managerial competencies.


A Marywood University Performance Development Guidebook is available in Human Resources.

Supervisors and employees meet every March to review job responsibilities, review the prior year's performance, and plan goals for the upcoming year, March to March. The program includes an optional  mid-year review that is conducted in August or September. At that time, adjustments to goals and responsibilities are made if necessary.

All warranted salary increases are given on July 1.

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07/01/91 - Performance Evaluations policy reaffirmed with publication of the Personnel Manual
03/01/02 - Revised in keeping with implementation of new Performance Development Program
01/16/06 - Review and update approved by the President of the University, including change of title from Performance Evaluations of Non-faculty Employees to Performance Development Program for Administrators and Staff