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Printing Services

Policy Statement

Printing and duplicating services that are to be funded by Marywood University must be acquired through established procedures in one of the following ways:

Printing and Mailing Center

The Printing and Mailing Center provides the means for departments and individuals to obtain quality printing and duplicating, usually for internal use, in a timely manner with the least possible cost to the University.  Prior approval of the Printing and Mailing Center is required for the charge to be honored and paid from a University budget.  If applicable, the person submitting a printing job is responsible for having obtained permission from the copyright owner.  

Marketing and Communications Department

Publications that may be viewed by external constituencies, e.g., departmental brochures, catalogs, newsletters, postcards, invitations, posters, and media advertising should be channeled through the Marywood University's Marketing and Communications Department for editing, design, production control, and cost efficiency, regardless of the origin of the publication or the department to which it is being charged. It is expected that copyright laws will be observed.  Prior approval of the Marketing and Communications Department is required for the charge to be honored and paid from a University budgetMajor institutional documents, such as accreditation reviews, as well as materials to be viewed by on-campus constituencies must comply with the University Graphic Standards Manual when using the University logo, seal, or wordmark.

University Copiers

Copiers are provided throughout the University for small duplicating jobs, i.e., 20 or fewer copies of a page.  When applicable, users are responsible for obtaining prior permission from the copyright owner.  One of two methods is used to charge for the service.

Pre-assigned codes are used by individuals and departments at designated copiers with electronic copy monitors to record charges to University department budgets.

Pre-purchased copy cards are used at copiers with card readers.  University departments purchase them at the Printing and Mailing Center.  Students and the public purchase them at the Library or dispensers on campus.


Procedures and guidelines are available on the Marywood University Website, at the Printing and Mailing Center, at the Marketing and Communications Department, and at the Business Affairs Office.

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02/24/06 - Approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University